Home details

Maintenance Records

Are records for the following current, and signed by the Property Operations Manager?

Select date

Lift service


Water teperature

Fire alarm servicing

Plant safety ( safety of large pieces of equipment)

portable appliance testing (PAT testing)

Contractors safety documentation, risk assessment, method statements & control/supervision

Have any new contractors been appointed?

Are all risk assessments and safe working method statements in place

Are there adequate controls in place to ensure the safety of residents, staff and others

Accident reporting and recording

Is there a staff and contractors accident book in place?

Is there a Resident's accident book in place?

Are all accident reports countersigned by a member of the Home's senior management team, with actions recorded as necessary?

Have any RIDDOR forms been completed since the last inspection? (Reporting of Accidents, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrence Regulations form)

Are all staff accident reports sent to Cathedral Safety on a monthly basis?

Where there are Nil returns, are these forwarded to Cathedral Safety?

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

Do all area have suitable COSHH information in place

Are all staff trained in COSHH? (check the latest training database). Is their training up to date?

Are procedures in place to deal with spillages?

Are staff provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when dealing with chemicals or biological hazards?

Have any new chemicals been introduced since the last inspection?

Clinical waste

Are all outside clinical waste bins locked?

Is all clinical waste correctly bagged in yellow bags?

Are sharps correctly disposed of?

Are the sluice areas clean, tidy and secure?

Do the sluice area have adequate handwashing facilities?

Are there procedures for spillages?

Moving and Handling

Do all people who use RMBI services have a moving and handling assessment, which is reviewed monthly? (Check a sample of Care Plans - the section on Mobility)

Are all staff trained in moving and handling? (Check the training database.) Is the training up-to-date?

Have all manual handling tasks been assessed (Check a sample of Care Plans.)

Are appropriate lifting aids in place?

Is a copy of the latest RMBI best practice guidance on Management of medicines readily available to staff?

Is the Medications audit undertaken monthly. (Record the date of the last audit.)

Are all medications trolleys locked and chained to walls?

Do all self-medicating people have a lockable cupboard to store their medications in?

Health and Safety Committee

Is there a Health and Safety Committee in the Home?

When was the last meeting held?

Are the minutes acted upon?

First Aid

Is there a list of first aiders on display in the Home?

Are the first aid courses current?

Are the first aid boxes complete?


Are all floor coverings suitable?

Are there any frayed carpets?

Identify any trip hazards

Is the lighting adequate in the Home?

Are window restraints fitted and working?

Are there any ventilation problems in the Home?

Best practice guidance

Is the latest RMBI best practice guidance readily available to staff? (Check against the extranet.)

Is a copy of The Royal Marsden Hospital Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures available in units offering nursing care?

Is the best practice guidance on security being adheres to, and is the Night security checks form completed each evening?


Is the training database giving details of what training staff have had kept up to date?

What training is required?

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Are all staff issued with best practice guidance on PPE and using PPE?


Is the smoking policy in place?

Is the smoking policy being adhered to?


are the interlocks on all machines working?

Is infected linen separated from other used linen before it is delivered to the laundry room?

Are the correct containers being used for infected laundry?

Are all chemicals stored correctly?


Are all pathways clear and accessible?

Is there sufficient light at night?

Is there a sufficient supply of sand and salt for bad weather?


Is the vehicle log completed daily?

When were the last checks made for:

. oil
. water
. tyre pressure
. service
. de-icer
. screen wash
. tail lift service

Disaster contingency plan

Has the plan been reviewed and updated this month?

Have appliances such as torches been checked this month?

Have the contents of disaster contingency plan boxes been checked?

Electrical safety

Are all appliances in good condition?

Are all plugs, leads and sockets in good condition?

Are there any trailing leads?

Are appliances fused correctly?

Are circuit breakers in use for items such as lawn mowers

Fire safety

Is there a fire risk assessment

Have all recommendations been actioned?

Has the assessment been reviewed or updated in the past 12 months?

Action Plan & Conclusions

Record any action needed as a result of the Home safety Inspection

Inspection report reviewed by:
Home manager
Head of Maintenance
Property Operations Manager
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.