Building & Maintenance Audit

Carpark & Entry

Is carpark clean and tidy?

Are external gardens presented well?

Are lawns mown?

Is entryway neat and presented well?

Is all signage correct and neat?

Are all lights working correctly?


Are floors clean and free of any trip hazards?

Are fridges clean?

Are retail and cafe displays well presented and stocked?

Is a managers feedback box displayed?

Is a manager on duty sign displayed?

Office Spaces

Are all office areas clean and tidy?

Staff Rooms

Is staff room neat and tidy?

Is FoundU Clock operational?


Is kitchen clean?

Are all chemicals/food stored correctly?

Are all dispensers working correctly and clean?

Are there any trip hazards?


Is the deck and surrounds clean and free of hazards?

Is the pool basin & water clarity clean?

Are scum lines and pool edging clean?

Plant Rooms

Is plant room clean?

Are plant room logs in place?

Plant Room operations are all up to date and correct?

Are there any trip hazards?

Does plant appear to be running correctly?

LTS Store Room

Is room neat and free of hazards?

Is equipment neat and in good condition?

Pool Tests

Are pool tests up to date & within acceptable ranges?

Is saturation Index up to date & within acceptable ranges?

Is water readings up to date?


Are bathroom floors clean?

Are roof and ceiling fixtures clean and free of lint?

Are toilet bowls and surrounds clean?

Are hand basins & mirrors clean?

Are showers clean?

Are all dispensers, taps, shower, bins, and cisterns in good order?

Cleaning Store Room

Is room general tidy?

Is room locked and not accessible to public?

Gym Floor

Is room clean and presented well?

Are all windows and mirrors clean?

Is all PA equipment neat and in working order?

Is all equipment in good condition?

Group Fitness Room

Is room clean and presented well?

Are all windows and mirrors clean?

Is all PA equipment neat and in working order?


Is area neat and tidy?

Are all kids toys in good condition?

Internal Grounds

Are internal gardens presented well?

Are grandstands neat and tidy?

Are all lights working correctly?


Are lawn mowers and garden equipment stored well and in good repair?

Are pool vacs stored well and in good repair?

Are pool steps stored well and in good repair?

Are pool blankets stored well and in good repair?

Are tool kits stored well and in good repair?


Are all signs/ posters in date and branded correctly?

Are all frames displaying a poster?

Are all toilet check signs in place?

Permanent signage is up to date with current Branding?

Other Comments

Workplace Health & Safety Audit


Lifeguards are roving?

Lifeguards are in correct uniform?

Lifeguard headcount tally board is displayed and up to date?

Is Keep Watch Policy Being Enforced? (0-5 have wristbands on)


Staff is aware of supervision modes?

Supervision plans are displayed?

Staff is aware of GSPO?

Incident Reporting

Is incident report folder available?

Does folder have an incident report register with incident report numbers for each?

Are incident reports stored and correctly numbered?

First Aid

First aid boxes are stocked?

Oxygen & Difibrilator are available and maintained?


OP1-7 are up to date and available to staff?

Is OP27 (Daily Checklists) in place, up to date & signed?

Is OP28 (Manager OPS Tour) in place, up to date & signed?

Is Safety Flip Chart up & available to staff?


Qualifications for staff are up to date?

Training documents have been logged and signed by staff?

Is CPO Induction Training completed for staff?

Monthly Lifeguard training has been completed?

Evacuation has been conducted and trained in the last 6 months?

Centre Inspection File

Folder is available?

PPE checklist is complete?

Eyewash station checklist is complete?

First aid boxes checklist is complete?

Oxygen equipment checklist is compelte?

Fire extinguishers checklist is complete?

Inspections are complete for each section?

Safe Systems of Work

SSoW folder has all relevant site tasks inside with the correct Index?

SSoW are signed by all staff?

Risk assessments are kept with SSoW or in an additional RA folder?

Safety Data Sheets

SDS folder is available in each section required?

SDS Index is correct with correct chemicals?

SDS all have risk assessments attached?

SDS are all in date?

SDS are all signed by staff?


Are all chemicals on site stored correctly & safety?

Is appropriate Hazchem signage present for the chemicals on-site?

Is chemical identification and PPE requirement signage up and correct?


PPE is available in plant rooms & maintained?

PPE placards signage is up?


Any other WH&S Risks noticed while on site?

Number of current Mojo Items


Extra Notes

Date & Time
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.