Safety Audit

General Requirements and Posting

  • Have any Incidents occurred this month other than an injury?

  • Has anyone reported an Injury this week?

  • Is this site participating in Stretch & Flex?

  • Is a First Aid kit on site and well stocked?

  • Is there someone on site with a valid First Aid/CPR certification? (within 2 years)

  • Was a Safety Meeting held yet this week?

  • Is an SDS Packet on site?

  • Is there proper Eye Wash on site? Is it full, in the correct location?

  • Are Labels provided on all containers?

  • Are enough toilets provided on site?

  • Is there a way for workers to wash their hands?

  • Are Signs and Barricades used to protect the public set up properly & in good condition?

  • Other


  • Have workers been asked if they have any COVID-19 symptoms prior to starting work?

  • Is 6’ Social Distancing being followed?

  • Are workers wearing face coverings?

  • Can workers wash or sanitize their hands?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Are all workers wearing Hardhats as needed or required?

  • Are all workers wearing the proper Eye Protection as needed or required?

  • Are workers wearing Face Shield when using a Grinder or Chop Saw?

  • Are workers wearing Hearing Protection as needed or required?

  • Are workers wearing the proper Gloves for the task?

  • Are workers wearing proper Work Boots?

  • Do workers have Steel Toe Boots or Metatarsal Guards on during required tasks?

  • Are workers wearing High Visibility as needed or required?

  • Did workers inspect PPE prior to the start of their shift?

  • Are workers wearing respirators?

  • Have they completed a Medical Questionnaire and been cleared?

  • Have they been fit tested?

  • Is it appropriate for their task?

  • Are they using the proper filters?

  • Is it being stored properly?

  • Other

Fall Protection

  • Are workers exposed to falls of 6' or more?

  • Are they protected by Guard Rails, Personal Fall Arrest, or other system?

  • Is the equipment installed correctly?

  • Is the equipment dated within 5 years old &/or in good condition?

  • Are proper tie-off points used?

  • Rope lines are anchored properly & protected from abrasion?

  • Have workers been trained in the use of these systems and using them correctly?

  • Has a Control Line been installed 15’ from leading edges?

  • Other


  • CWC Silica Exposure Control Plan on site?

  • Work is following Table 1?

  • Equipment & Attachments are being used according to manufacturer's instruction?

  • Signage posted?

  • Housekeeping done by wet sweeping or HEPA vacuum?

  • Workers understand Health Hazards associated with Silica exposure?

  • Other

Fire Protection

  • Do Safety Fuel Cans have flash arresting screen, self closing lid, pressure relief, and are properly labeled?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher immediately available for flammable supplies, materials, gas powered equipment, or tasks creating heat/sparks? 25’-100’

  • Are extinguishers charged, have current inspections, and are an adequate size?

  • Are adequate "NO SMOKING" signs provided in fuel storage areas?

  • Are flammables or incompatible materials stored properly?

  • Other

Signs and Barricades

  • Are Signs and Barricades adequate?

  • Is caution and danger tape being used properly and removed when not needed?

  • Other


  • Is rigging inspected daily and in good condition when in use?

  • Is Defective Rigging marked & removed from service?

  • Are workers involved Certified Riggers?

  • Other


  • Are tools being inspected prior to use and used properly for the task?

  • Are tools requiring guards equipped with guards and in good condition?

  • Are accessory handles present on drills, grinders as required?

  • Are extension cords in approved condition?

  • Are workers using two hands when required?

  • Are workers trained to operate powder actuated tools & have their card?

  • Are hoses on air compressors secured with safety device?

  • Other


  • Are GFCIs being being used for workers using power tools?

  • Are all electrical boxes, cords, receptacles, breakers, etc. being used for their intended use and UL rating?

  • Are cords & conductors protected from abbrasion?

  • Are generators grounded properly & using GFCI protection?

  • Other


  • Are ladders inspected and in good condition with all required labels?

  • Are workers using ladders properly?

  • Step Ladders have the spreader bars locked & no worker is using the top 2 steps?

  • Extension Ladders are secured, extend 36 inches above landings or have grab bars installed, and have their ropes installed?

  • Is the ladder placed at the proper angle (1-4)?

  • Are job made ladders built properly (no double-headed nails)?

  • Are buckets being used to gain height?

  • Other


  • Is the Competent Person present?

  • Do excavations 4 feet or deeper have proper access and egress within 25' of workers?

  • Are excavations 5 feet or deeper properly sloped, benched, or shored?

  • Have excavations 20’ feet or more been designed by a PE?

  • Spoils are kept a minimum of 2' from the excavation edge?

  • Are workers protected from falling into an excavation over 6 feet deep?

  • Trench boxes are in good condition, have all spreader bars & pins installed, sit 18” above grade, and aren’t more than 2’ from the excavation bottom?

  • Water is not accumulating in the excavation?

  • Have provisions been made to control water accumulation?

  • Is excavation properly barricaded and signs posted?

  • Other

Floor and Wall Openings

  • Do all Holes (2" or more) have covers?

  • Are Hole Covers secured, marked "Hole" or "Cover" and are capable of supporting intended loads?

  • Are workers/civillians protected from falling objects?

  • Do guardrails and stair rails meet OSHA requirements?

  • Are guardrail safety cables tight, flagged every 6' with high visibility material, & have properly installed U-clips?

  • Other


  • Are steel stair pans & landings filled?

  • Is there access/egress for changes in elevation 19" or more?

  • Are stairs clear of debris?

  • Is there adequate lighting?

  • Are Stair Rails installed?

  • Other

Equipment & Forklifts

  • Does equipment have mirrors, fire extinguishers and required manufacturer labels?

  • Does equipment have a functional back-up alarm?

  • Are the operators driving equipment at safe speeds?

  • Are seat belts being used when required?

  • Is parking brake set and all forks and buckets lowered to ground when equipment is not in use?

  • Are the proper attachments being used and have approval from the manufacturer?

  • Are operators properly trained?

  • Other

Welding and Cutting

  • Are all cylinders secured in an upright position?

  • Are oxygen and acetylene bottles stored 20 feet apart or have a 5’ approved separator?

  • Is there at least one 10 lb. extinguisher within 50 feet of oxygen and acetylene storage areas?

  • Is there a fire watch for welding or cutting around combustible materials such as walls & floors?

  • Is there a 20# fire extinguisher available for welding activities?

  • Are welding leads free of repairs at least 10 feet from the stinger?

  • Are combustibles moved away or protected?

  • Other


  • Is fall protection provided for workers erecting or dismantling scaffold?

  • Are scaffold set on firm, secure footings with base plates and mud sills?

  • Are scaffold components inspected and in good condition?

  • Has the scaffold been tied off every 25 feet in height (ties must be installed when the height of the scaffold is more than 4 times than the minimum base width)

  • Are scaffold boards properly overlapped and secured? (12")

  • Are the wheels locked on mobile scaffold?

  • Are rolling scaffolds moved correctly? (Not being surfed from platform)

  • Is fall protection and falling object protection provided?

  • Is there proper access/egress for scaffold platforms where reach is 2’ or more?

  • Is the area below the scaffolding barricaded or toe-boards erected?

  • Other

Swing Stage Scaffold

  • Are all workers properly tied off?

  • Is GFCI protection used for tools on the rig?

  • Motor cable guides are in good condition?

  • Emergency release control is in good condition?

  • Scaffold is properly grounded?

  • Tie backs are installed properly?

  • Other

Aerial Lifts

  • Has the equipment been inspected prior to use?

  • Are lifts set on level ground, per manufacturer's recommendations?

  • Are workers using proper fall protection?

  • Are lanyards/retractables attached to proper anchorage points?

  • Are workers remaining on the platform at all times?

  • Is the gate or chain closed when occupied?

  • Is operator trained?

  • Are tools and materials secured from displacement?

  • Do riders or workers nearby know what to do in an emergency?

  • Other

Confined Spaces

  • Are workers in a Confined Space?

  • Has a Confined Space Evaluation been done?

  • Are workers trained for Confined Space?

  • Is the space Permit Required?

  • Other


  • Items marked Red/Failed must be addressed and corrected right away to mitigate injuries and/or non compliance with OSHA standards.

  • Notes

  • Necessary to follow up with written documentation, discipline, or training?

  • Where there any critical deficiencies?

  • Foreman's Name

  • Inspector's Name


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