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Mechanical Tasks - Maintenance tasks - Unit / water and heating system

Check with the water supply turned off and the hot water taps open, check the expansion vessel charge pressure and top up as necessary

Check with the water supply turned on, open the temperature relief valve and then the expansion valve to check the unrestricted discharge into the tundish?

Check valves for freedom of movement and confirm that the water stops and both valves reseat correctly. Check at a full bore discharge from either valve that there is no back up or discharges over the tundish

Check that the correct outlet pressure is being maintained by the pressure reducing valve by recording the pressure at the terminal fitting or the tapping provided on the combination inlet valve.

Clean flow regulators (or restrictor/aerators) on each terminal fitting tap/shower as applicable. Check for correct flow rate at terminal fittings

If necessary descale the heat exchangers immersion/heaters in hard water areas

Check and clean the Boiler Buddy

Open the primary/heating system safety valve and check that it discharges safely

Drop the primary/heating system pressure to zero - check and if necessary top up the air side of the expansion vessel (1.5bar)

Check and if necessary top up the concentration of the heating system Inhibitor (Alphi 11 - 25% minimum)

Re-establish the primary/heating system pressure (1.5bar) and disconnect the filling loop

Check the primary/heating system pressure does not rise above 2.5 bar and the safety valve does not drip when the system is at full

Check and release any air from the primary/heating systems

Electrical Tasks / Checks:

Visually Inspect, checking for the presence of supplementary bonding and that it is being maintained

Check correct rating and type of fuse is fitted on the electrical supply

Check for the correct operation and temperature setting of the thermostats

Check the operation of the motorised valves


Visually for signs of oil leaks which may indicate a refrigerant leak (check for leaks if necessary)

Check integrity of water pipe work and lagging

Check all electrical connections including mains isolator

Check unit operation voltage and record

Remedial Work Required:





Indirect or Direct

Makers Warning Label Attached:

Hot water Storage Vessel Operating Details:

Normal Size of D1

System Operating Pressure (Bar)

Operating Temperature and Temperature Relief Valve or Operating temperature and pressure of combined temperature and pressure relief valve (Indirect heating vessel): (bar/C)

Discharge Pipework (D1) - Relief Valve to Tundish:

Check Length of D1

Is the tundish installed within the same location as the hot water storage vessel?

Is the tundish visible?

Is automatic means of identifying discharge installed?

Discharge Pipework (D2) - tundish to point of termination

Normal size of D2: (mm or Inches)

Pipework material: (Copper / Steel / Plastic)

Does pipework have a minimum vertical length of 300mm from tundish?

Does the pipework fall continuously to the point of termination?

Method of termination?

Method of termination satisfactory?

Defects Notes:


Solar Heating Details:


Solar Heating Model:

Solar Heating Serial Number:

Select Solar System Type:

Expansion Vessel Protection Installed:

Expansion Vessel Capacity - Litres:

Min Operating Pressure of the System - Bar:

Freezing Temperature of Heat Transfer Fluid - C

System Pressure Setting when Filled - Bar:

Expansion Vessel Capacity - Litres:

Back Pressure:

Pump Station & Ancillary Controls checks:

Differential Temperature Control Settings:

Delta T - On

Delta T - Off

Store Max Temperature:

Calculation Rate Setting: L/Min

DHW Thermostat setting Temperature:

Anti-Scalding Control Present (i.e. TMV)

Direction of Circulation Through Collector Matched to Sensor Position:

Electrical Controls and Temperature Sensors Working Satisfactorily:

Back up DHW heating fitted with time control responding to Solar pre-heat store:

Pressure Relief Discharge Container Designed for Purpose ((Volume & temperature)

Pressure Relief Valve to be Tested:

All Appropriate Labelling in Position:

Customer Educated On:
Operation of Solar controls,
Control Function and Operation,
Advice & Guidance from Equipment manufacturer's,
Service / maintenance Requirements.

Defects Notes:

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery

MVHR - Make:

MVHR - Model:

MVHR Unit Location:

Air Flow Rates Correct:

Ducting Inspection:

Filters Replaced:


Electrics Checked:

Defects Notes:

General Heating Checks

Radiators Condition:

Heating Controls:

Heating Controls and System Usage / Energy Saving Advice Explained / Given to Customer:

General heating / other defects:

Any Access Issues to Property / Heating Components / Other:

I confirm that all heating elements have been serviced in accordance with the relevant manufacturers Instructions:

I confirm that all heating elements have been serviced in accordance with the relevant manufacturers Instructions:

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