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  • Documentation - Are RAMS available for the work being carried out and have they been signed by all who are completing the work?

  • Consultation - Are toolbox talks being completed regularly? please state in the notes the date of the last Toolbox Talk

  • Work Environment - Is work area adequately segregated to prevent unauthorised access or collisions with other trades?

  • Work Environment - Is there good housekeeping on site with no materials, debris or cables causing trip or slip hazards?

  • Work Environment - Is there safe access and egress throughout site along with sufficient lighting?

  • First Aid - is there a qualified first aider on site along with a fully stocked and in date first aid kit?

  • Training - Are those carrying out the work qualified to do so with evidence of training certificates available?

  • Work Equipment - Is all electrical test equipment on site calibrated and in date with certificate available as evidence?

  • Work at Height - All work at height equipment such as harnesses/MEWPs are in date of thorough inspection and have had daily pre use checks completed?<br>Are ladders/podiums inspected/tagged with records kept on a register?

  • PPE - are all operatives wearing correct PPE as per RAMS?

  • Electrical - Has a permit to work on or near an electrical system been issued?

  • Electrical - Is a lock out kit in use? Has secure isolation been established & proven?

  • Electrical - Are insulated hand tools in use?

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