Daily Hazard

Health & Safety

First aid

  • First aid is well stocked and equipped

  • First aid is inaccessible to the children

  • First aid kit is marked with a first aid sign


  • Staff have all washed their hands upon arrival

  • Centre surfaces have been disinfected (handles, doors etc)

  • Hand sanitiser available at registration table

Cleaning products

  • All cleaning products are stored away safely from the children?

  • Are you aware of the MSDS sheet and where it is stored?

Equipment and Venue

Venue record

  • Picture of areas that need to be monitored before set-up. i.e. high school rooms and areas left in poor condition


  • Tables and chairs are in good condition

  • Toys and equipment in good condition



  • Are cords safely out of children's reach?

  • All heaters and fans have been checked. Safe and secure?

  • Are all electrical items in use tagged and within date?


  • Food is stored safely

  • Food temperature

Indoor environment

  • ALL entries and exits are clear.

  • Doors can easily be opened and nothing is obstructing this path

  • Floors are cleaned and well maintained

  • Stairs are clear of all trip hazards

  • Windows are damaged

  • There is adequate lighting in all rooms?1

  • Premises is free from tabacco, illicit drugs and alcohol

  • The environment is checked for vandalism and any profanity is covered

  • Any dangerous items such as knives are stored in a secure location inaccessible to children


  • Bathrooms are clean and disinfected?

  • Handwashing sign is displayed in all bathrooms?

  • These items are in the bathroom

Outdoor environment

Outdoor area

  • Outside the centre (entrance, walkways, exits) is clear of hazards?

  • Stairs are clear of all trip hazards

Grass area

  • Are you using the grass area (Oval/field/park) today?

  • Are you using the playground today?

  • Adequate shade outside

  • Sunscreen is available for children and staff Yes

  • Today's UV rating (see sunsmart app)

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