• Conducted on

  • Security Officer Details

Car Park- Rooftop /Basement

  • Cleanless - inspection for litter etc

  • Lighting -All lights are operational

  • Signage- Is installed in correct locations and in good readable order

  • Max height warning signage- Max height signage is installed to basement car park entry at the correct height and that additional signage is also installed at low height areas

  • Line marking-Is in good condition with no excessive wear

  • Graffiti - ensure there is no graffiti visible

  • kerb Marking - yellow trip / fall paint is clearly visible on top of the kerb

  • DDA Bays - Are clearly marked with signage also installed

  • Trip and falls risk -There are not items or areas that are not highlighted that might increase public trip/fall risk

  • Trolleys Bays -
    Signage is installed and bumper bar is in place to stop runway trolleys.
    All Trolleys in bay are appropriate for use on centre travelator (i.e Wheel looks are in place)

Main Public Centre Entries

  • Cleanliness
    All entries must be pressure washed nightly to provide a height level of presentation for start of daily trade

  • Glazing
    All entry door and window glazing must be clean.Ensure safety decals are installed on each door and window

  • lighting
    Ensure all lights are operational and lighting levels are acceptable

  • Signage- Centre Rules signage is installed to each entry

Main Mall/Retail Area

  • Retail Trading Time
    Complete Late Opener/Early Closer spreadsheet daily

  • Cleanliness
    Litter and spills are cleaned up with any spot cleaning required reported

  • Lighting -All lights are operational

  • Presentation/ Damage-
    Report any areas requiring maintenance

  • Over Lease line Trading-
    Ensure that if any Retailer is trading over the lease line that a Licence is in place (have item remove if not the case)

  • Wet Floor sign Coverage

    Wet floor signs are evenly distributed in retail (internal and external) areas to allow placing over wet/food spills.Wet floor signs are available for wet weather procedures in addition to those required for mall maintenance

  • Use of Major’s shopping trolleys-
    Retailer owned shopping trolleys are not to be used by other retailers or contractors (remove and return these if this is the case)

  • Shopfront Signage-
    Report any hand written signage to CMO

Food Court

  • Cleanliness -
    Level of overall cleanliness is satisfactory

  • Slip and Fall Risk-
    Floor is free of water that may cause slip and fall

  • Lighting- All lights are operational

Restrooms/ Parents Rooms

  • Cleanliness-
    Level of overall cleanliness is satisfactory

  • Slip and fall risk-
    Floor is free of water that may cause slip and fall

  • Urinal
    Ensure urinals are being flushed where required

  • Pan flushing-
    All toilet pans are flushing

  • Sink water supply
    Sink (hot and cold) taps are operational?
    Hot water temperature is acceptable?

  • Materials
    Soap and toilet roll quantities are adequate

  • Hand Dryer
    Hand dryer is operational and blowing warm air

  • Lighting
    All lights are operational

  • Auto doors
    Automatic doors open/close/lock as required

  • Toilet cubicle door
    Doors open/close/lock as required

  • Toilet cubicle wall
    Ensure there are no holes in cubicle walls allowing lack of privacy

  • Microwave
    Ensure is clean, operational and that operational signage is in place

  • Graffiti
    Ensure there is no graffiti visible

  • Signage
    All statutory and internal placed signage is in place and can be easily read

  • Seating
    Seating is in good condition and safe

  • Baby change facilities Ensure baby change table is clean,
    securely fixed to the wall and that strap and clip to secure child to table is in good working order.
    Ensure signage associated with baby change table (max weight etc) is in place.


  • Signage
    All signage is in place at entries for travelators including additional signs available (out of order, wet conditions) to be used as required

  • Comb plates-
    Comb plates do not have any broken teeth

  • Condition-
    Ensure side skirt brushes are in place and comb plate lights are operational

  • Lighting-
    All lights are operational

Elevators Customer/ Goods Lifts

  • Cleanliness/Light-
    Ensure lift floors and walls are clean.
    Inspect door tracks for debris, request cleaning if required.

  • Signage
    Ensure all signage is in place including emergency comms advice, max persons and centre info to each level button

Fire Exit Doors to external areas

  • Path of travel-
    Ensure that all fire exit paths of travel is completely free of obstruction from internal to external areas including that there is no obstruction outside any external doors (shopping trolleys etc)

  • Lighting
    All lights are operational

  • Cleanliness-
    Remove any materials being stored in emergency exits

Fire Control Room

  • Cleanliness-
    Remove any materials being stored in FCR that is not required

  • Fire Indicator Panel
    Ensure FIP is in auto mode and report immediately if not the case.
    Check FIP for isolations and note any in place.

  • Critical Equipment
    Ensure two-way radio is in cradle and fully charged.
    Walk-through plans are available.

  • Lighting
    All lights are operational

Sprinkler Valve Room

  • Cleanliness
    Remove any materials being stored in SVR that is not required

  • Auto Jacking Pump
    Ensure pump is switched on

  • Sprinkler Valves
    Ensure all valve sets are under pressure and report any that are not.
    Ensure all anti-tamper chains and padlocks are in place.

Loading Bays

  • Cleanliness
    Pick up litter etc that can be placed back into bins.
    Report any additional material being stored in loading bays.

  • Signage
    Ensure signage is in place including max speed, no smoking and high visibility vest requirement

  • Safety Bollards
    Ensure safety bollards are in place and check any repainting requirement

  • Emergency exits
    Ensure emergency exits from loading bays are free from obstruction.

Contractor/Work Sites

  • Compliance
    Complete a spot check of all work sites to ensure that all contractors are inducted and have signed in

  • Safety
    Complete random spot checks of all work sites to ensure all safety requirements are being adhered to, report immediately if not the case

External Areas

  • Perimeter
    Check entire external perimeter to ensure there is no graffiti visible and that there are no safety hazards or maintenance issues, report immediately if not the case

  • Security and Safety Officer

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