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Inspection checklist

  • Centre entries and exist

  • Lease lines

  • Malls and common areas

  • Playgrounds - parents room interactive TV working, 2 interactive screens in the food court - furniture & out front of Kmart

  • Amenities & ensure mirrors are locked

  • Carparks

  • Loading docks

  • Compactor Operational

  • Cardboard & General Waste Compactors pad locked - Locked (to be Locked 1 hour after close of core business)

  • Cardboard & General Waste Compactors pad locked - Unlocked (open no early then 5.30am)

  • Car park lighting working

  • Electrical Switch-room / Plantrooms

  • Back of house/service areas

  • Check roof access & ensure location of where contractor has worked is clean

  • Fire control panel - clear of faults & door secure

  • Sprinkler water pressure within tolerance

  • Take a photo of the sprinkler valve pressure meter (if under 1,000 must report to site Supervisor or Operations Manager

  • Take a photo of water meter an hour after centre core trade & at 5am - if possible

  • Take a photo of auto centre water meter on Station St at 6pm & at 5am

  • Take a photo of water meter at 6pm & at 5am

  • Take a photo of Gloria Jeans water meter on Station St at 6pm & at 5am

  • Cameras working

  • Cameras focused

  • Accuracy of recording verified, based on the timestamp and the actual time

  • Time is accurate

  • DVR 1 - back up days

  • DVR 2 - back up days

  • DVR 3 - back up days

Hoarding Inspection

  • Is there a hoarding installed

  • Hoarding location
  • Shop Name

  • Secured with a pad lock

  • Is the hoarding safe, if unsafe contact your supervisor

Action Table

  • Action Table

  • Action
  • Action Required

  • Photo attachment - mandatory

  • Responsible Person

  • Target Date

  • Date Completed


  • Security

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