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  • Centres Name :

  • Address :

  • Manager/Operator :

  • Telephone :

  • Fax :

  • Email : :


  • Date of Inspection :

  • Time of Inspection :

  • Type of Inspection :

  • Name of Authorised Person :

  • Position of authorised person:

  • Signature of authorised person:

  • Name of Inspector :

  • Signature of Inspector:



  • 1.0 Must display the name of the centre in a conspicuous place

  • 1.1 The licence of the centre must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the centre

  • 1.2 The centre must be clean and well maintained. Its equipment stored in an orderly manner and in good working conditions.

  • 1.3 All diving cylinders that the inspection due date have expired, must NOT be used or stored in the same place as the ones with the inspection due date still valid.

  • 1.4 The Centre must have in its employment a Base Leader who is responsible for the Dive Centre and who is present at the Dive Centre on a daily basis. In case the Base Leader is absent, an Assistant Base Leader must assume responsibility for the Diving activities.

  • 1.5 All staff at the centre must be fully aware of the emergency plan, procedures and contact numbers of the relevant authorities in the case of an emergency.

  • 1.6 All documents such as log books, inspection certificates of cylinder etc. must be available at the centre and must be made available upon request by the relevant authorities

  • 1.7 The Dive Centre must have adequate equipment spare parts, equipment and course materials for all courses conducted.

  • 1.8 The Dive Centre must have a dive instructor and a list of all dive services and courses conducted including the rates of the services.

  • 1.9 The Dive Centre must have medical first aid box and specified wireless communication (VHF radio telephone) / or any other effective communication system to facilitate communication between base station (Dive Centre) and Dive boat.

2.0 Non-Authorised Access

  • 2.1 The compressor installation should not be accessible to the general public or to any person not trained in the operation of the unit.

3.0 Filling Station Procedures

  • 3.1 Personnel involved in the filling of cylinders must be aware of the current requirements for the periodic testing of cylinders. They must be able to identify the testing date, the pressure rating marks and other cylinder markings. The procedures for cylinder inspection prior to filling and the actual filling procedures should be displayed at the filling station.


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