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  • Bannockburn Country Plaza, 41857 High Street, Bannockburn, VIC

Car Parks

  • Do car park surfaces pose any issues?

  • Is there any rubbish accumulation?

  • Is there any clear abuse of parking?

External Building

  • Is there any graffiti?


  • Is there any rubbish accumulation?

All Entrances

  • Are all bins empty/ashtrays cleaned/door mats in place?

  • Are wet weather mats needed? In place?

  • Are auto doors opening smoothly?

Mall Areas

  • Are all floor surfaces clean/safe?

  • Are all centre plants and rubbish bins in correct positions and clean?

  • Is all mall furniture including food court furniture in the correct place? Is the furniture clean?

  • Is all Centre signage illuminated?

  • Are all Casual Mall Leasing set-ups correct/neat/safe/open?

  • Are all Kiddy Rides/Phones/Vending Machines/ATM's on and safe? Are they clean?

  • Is the Centre music at the correct level?

  • Are all Escalators/Travelators/Lifts working?

  • Is the information kiosk ready for trade? Are Directory holders full?

  • Are all promotional displays ready?

  • Are all contractors out of public areas by opening?

Toilets/Parents Rooms

  • Have the toilets been properly cleaned?

  • Have the toilets been fully stocked?


  • Are all retailers open on time?

  • Are all retailers inside their lease lines?

  • Are all retailers signage illumated?

  • Is there any shopfront damage?

  • Any rubbish accumulation?

  • Any deliveries in mall?

Back of House Issues

  • Are all fire passages clear of combustible contents/temporary storage/other blockages?

  • Are all Exit signs illuminated?

  • Is there rubbish accumulation in loading docks?

  • Are the bin rooms clean and tidy?

GW Centre Management Office

  • Does the office present professionally to visitors?

Community Notice Board

  • Are all flyers current/up-to-date?


  • Are all keys accounted for?

  • Is contractor sign-in being utilised?


  • Are there any other issues that require action?

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