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  • TAI Princeton

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  • Receiving

  • Shipping

  • Warehouse Floor and Aisles

  • All Storage Areas/ Red Areas

  • Processing

  • Breakdown

  • Roller Racks

  • High Bay Rack

  • Maintenance cage and Storage room

  • Facility Wide Safe Practices

Dock Operations

  • Dock locks are in good working condition and functioning correctly

  • Glad Hand or Salvo are attached as per facility standards

  • Inside Dock cones and chain are being used per the facility standard

  • Interior / Exterior dock lights are functioning correctly

  • Forklift crossing signs are in place/in use

  • Drivers Keys are collected (ex. Box Trucks)

  • Outside dock cones, jack stands in place, and wheels are chocked as per the facility standard

Visual Appearance

  • Flow Rack and High Racks are free of damage (no visible damage and beams in place)

  • Flow Rack and High Racks are neat and orderly (No overhanging boxes or pallets)

  • Area allows adequate space for mobile equipment to remove and place pallets (on racks/in lanes)

  • Modules are nested correctly to prevent them from falling/collasping

  • Pedestrian walk ways are clearly marked and free of hazards

Behavior Observation

  • Appropriate lane closure procedure in use for Man / Machine separation

  • Forklift operators are wearing seat belts

  • Mobile equipment have working head lights and blue lights and Operator is using horn where required

  • Team member has on appropriate PPE according to process (incl. Tugger and Aerial Lift operators)

  • Team members are following 10ft rule

  • Team members are following facility ergonomics standards

  • Team using STOP LOOK and POINT when crossing through intersections and walk ways

Quality Check

  • Processes are being performed "One by One". (Verify, Picking, Loading, etc)

  • Staged Materials in Shipping Lanes are accurate (Materials matches lane signs)

  • FMDS Boards are utilized correctly

  • Hand tools are in good condition

  • Preshift PPE checks have been completed and signed off

Covid - 19

  • CTS - TMs are wearing appropriate Covid-19 PPE for their area / distance

  • What area?

  • What happened?

  • CTS - TMS are maintaining six foot social distancing

  • What area?

  • What happened?

  • CTS - TMS are adhering to facility policy and state mandates

  • What area?

  • What happened?

To be completed once daily by facility manager

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