01 - Weather


  • Weather Conditions

  • Average Temperature (C)

  • Time lost due to weather conditions (hrs)

  • What work pack was affected?

  • Work Pack
  • Work Pack Number

  • What task was affected?

  • Task
  • Select the task that was affected

  • Add Photos of Affected Work

  • What resources were affected?

  • Resource
  • Resource

02 - Safety

General Safety

  • Toolbox / Prestart Meeting Conducted

  • Any Issues Raised by Crew or Client?

  • Issue
  • Issue

  • Has the traffic management plan been checked and is relevant for the works? If no, add changes to Section 03 of this report.

  • Is first aid equipment available?

  • Is fire fighting equipment available?

  • All road surfaces suitable and fit for purpose?

  • Bund walls in place for roads and ramps?

  • Signage in place and appropriate in all work areas?

  • Is housekeeping of the site acceptable?

Hazards Raised

  • Any Hazards raised during the shift?

  • Tap "Add Hazard" and complete for each Hazard found during the shift

  • Hazard
  • Details of Hazard

  • Photos of Hazard

  • Risk Rating 1 = Low, 10 = High

  • Hazard Raised to Client for further action?

  • Raised with

  • Time?

  • Closed out?

  • Systems Coordinator to follow up with Client at next shift for details on closing Hazard.

  • Were you able to close this Hazard without needing to report to the Client?

  • Details on Close Out Action taken.

  • Systems Coordinator to enter Hazard details into system and close out

  • Systems Coordinator to forward Hazard to Client for information and action.

Incidents During Shift

  • Any Incidents during shift?

  • All Incidents must be reported to the Systems Manager at Head Office immediately after the incident occurs. Forward a copy of this report (in it's entirety) to Head Office at completion of the shift and complete the first page of FRM_003 in the site safety file as soon as the incident is reported.

  • Tap "Add Incident" to add a new Incident

  • Incident
  • Person Reporting Incident

  • Time of Incident

  • Type of Incident

  • Has the Client been notified of this Incident?

  • Details of Incident

  • Is there a sketch or photos of the Incident that need to be included?

  • Sketch of Incident

  • Photos of Incident

  • Were there any witnesses?

  • Have each witness write a statement on what they saw, make sure that they date and sign the statement and include it in this report.

  • Tap "Add Witness" to add details of each witness

  • Witness
  • Copy of Statement

  • Name and Signature of Witness

  • Is this Incident required to be reported to a Statutory Authority?

  • Name of Authority Notified

  • Name of Person you talked to

  • Time of Notification

  • Instructions Received from Authority

03 - Traffic Management Changes

Traffic Management Changes

  • Tap "Add Traffic Change" to add each new change to Traffic Management or Control

  • Traffic Change
  • Has the Client been notified of the change to Traffic Management or Control?

  • Person Notified

  • Details of Change

  • Is there a photo or sketch of the traffic change?

  • Sketch of Change

  • Photo of Change

04 - Production


  • Complete a new section for each work area.

  • Tap "Add Work Area" to add a new section to the report.

  • Work Area
  • Work Pack Number

  • Activities Conducted

  • Progress Photos

  • Has all testing been conducted on relevant materials?

  • Production Notes

  • Delays to Production?

  • Tap "Add Delay" and provide details of each delay separately

  • Delay
  • Details of Delay

  • Is this a Client caused delay?

  • Name of Person Notified

  • How did you limit the impact of the delay?

  • Do you need to add photos or a sketch to better explain the delay?

  • Sketch of Delay

  • Photo of Delay

05 - Signing Page

Supervisor Sign Off

  • General Comments

  • Supervisor Name

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