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York House Service Yard

Housekeeping and H&S

  • Is waste stored in appropriate waste or recycling storage areas?

  • Are waste containers emptied on a regular basis?

  • Is the yard kept clear of litter, combustibles, hazardous materials, old batteries, etc.?

  • Are the parking areas free from trip hazards (e.g., no pot holes, cracks, etc.)?

  • All personnel wearing the appropriate PPE.

  • Machinery/hand tools/equipment serviceable, clean?

  • Storage & stacking - pallets and cardboard bales correctly stored and no risk of falling?

  • General housekeeping, no litter or waste on floor?

  • All personnel complying to safe work practises?

  • General access, no obstruction, paths clear?

  • In winter, is the parking lot free from ice and snow?

  • Snow Grid Storage box stocked and in good condition?

Fire Safety

  • Are all emergency exits, exit doors, landings, and steps from the building well marked, unblocked, and kept in good condition?

  • Are exit doors, landings, and steps well lit? Are the lights over the exit doors working and in good repair?

  • Are exit routes (from the grounds) well marked, and kept clear and unobstructed?

  • Can the building be easily accessed by the fire department? Are fire lanes accessible and posted?

  • Are the fire department hose connections kept clear, accessible and have caps?

  • Is the electrical service entrance area clear of trees and branches?

  • Are all electrical wires out of reach of the public?

  • Combustible materials not near hot work?

  • In winter, are exits kept free from ice and snow on the outside of the building?

Additional remarks

  • Is fencing / shutter in good condition?

  • If required, are pedestrian walkways clearly marked?

  • Are vehicles or loads secured from unintentional movement?

  • Is security and general lighting functioning properly?

  • Are any lifting devices, racking systems, etc. in good condition?

  • Visually, does it appear that material handling and manual material handling procedures are being followed?

  • Name of auditor

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