• Pre-task safety plan communicated, understood and signed by each worker?

  • Pre-task safety plan posted in conspicuous place at work site?

  • Workers physically ready for work?

  • SDS Sheets obtained and available?

  • All required permits obtained

  • Lockout/Tryout performed

  • All training completed for work to be performed?

  • Stretch-N-Flex complete

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Hardhats (bills forward)

  • Face shields

  • Gloves

  • Safety glasses with side shields

  • Burning goggles

  • Hearing Protection

  • Leather work boots

  • Welding hood and gloves

  • Reflective Vests

Fall Protection (100% Fall Protection Required at Six Feet or Greater)

  • Guardrail systems checked

  • Floor and Roof openings covered

  • Blue fencing up

  • Harnesses and lanyards checked

  • Fall protection used when over 6' feet

  • Hole covers secure and labeled

  • Horizontal lifeline checked

  • Wall openings guarded

  • Safety nets checked

Ladders and Scaffolding

  • Ladder tied off

  • Workers facing ladder

  • Scaffold inspected and tagged

  • Ladder access

  • Ladder extended three feet

  • Working at a safe height

  • Scaffold sections properly pinned

  • Handrail in place

  • Stepladders in open position

  • Components not damaged

  • No aluminum ladders

  • Planking secured


  • Material stacked orderly

  • Cords and hoses off floor

  • Trash cans in work area

  • Access maintained

  • Debris removed

  • Nails removed and clinched

Hoisting and Rigging Equipment

  • Daily crane inspection

  • Qualified rigger named

  • Slings/chokers inspected

  • One-eye per hook

  • Safety latch on hook checked

  • Knowledge of crane signals

  • Sling/chokers stored

  • Cranes flagged off

  • Lift zone designated

Mobile Equipment

  • Seat belts used

  • Backup alarms working

  • Workers trained

  • Spotters used when needed

  • Equipment inspected

  • Equipment secured at night


  • Competent person named

  • Utilities located

  • Proper access/egress

  • Shore/shield/slope/bench proper

  • Air monitoring if over 4' feet deep

  • Spoil pile 2' feet from edge

  • Excavation checked daily

  • RPE design if over 20' feet deep

  • Workers trained

Temporary Barricades

  • Proper tape used(red-danger, yellow-caution)

  • All sides of work area barricaded

  • Barricade removed and disposed of properly


  • Cords checked for damage

  • Temporary lights maintained

  • GFCI provided and working


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