Part 1 - General Safety/Housekeeping

  • Housekeeping, trash removal, work area clear of debris?

  • Temporary illumination adequate. (10 f.c. in work areas 5 f.c. in walking areas - minimum)

  • Adequate trash containers/being emptied?

  • Exits and non-exits clearly marked and free from obstructions?

  • Adequate ventilation?

Part 2 - Ergonomics

  • Anti-vibration gloves in use?

  • Adequate work surface provided to reduce bending and stooping?

  • Ladders of adequate height available to eliminate over-reaching?

  • Proper lifting equipment available?

  • Gang box contents arranged so heavy items are in strike zone?

Part 3 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Hard hats being worn at all times?

  • Approved goggles, safety glasses, face shields are being worn?

  • Proper footwear is being worn? (Steel or hard-toed shoes)

  • Hearing protection is in use when required? (>85 db over 8 hrs)

  • Dust masks and/or approved respirators in use?

  • Fall protection equipment in serviceable condition?

Part 4 - Welding and Cutting

  • Hot work permit issued for task?

  • Combustibles stored at minimum safe distance? (30ft)

  • Oxygen/acetylene tanks are secure and upright?

  • Oxygen/fuel gas storage meets minimum requirements? (20ft apart / 5ft high / 1 hour rated fire wall)

  • Leads/hoses inspected and protective clothing is being worn?

  • Fire watch is posted with fire extinguisher available?

Part 5 - Handling & Storage of Material

  • Storage areas and gang boxes are clean and well organized?

  • Palletized material is stacked evenly, placed on firm base?

  • Banding material and pallets have been removed?

  • Six foot from edge rule for material storage at heights is adhered to?

Part 6 - Excavation, Trenching, & Shoring

  • Competent person for excavation identified?

  • Excavation permits are signed and posted?

  • Trenches are shielded/shored properly

  • Proper sloping of banks?

  • Ladders available for access/egress every 25 feet?

  • Underground utilities identified?

  • Materials/equipment 2 feet from edge?

  • Trenches are barricaded and signs posted?

Part 7 - Lifting & Digging Equipment

  • Signal person identified?

  • Swing radius protected?

  • Accessible fire extinguisher?

  • Pre-lift meeting conducted?

  • Rigging hooks equipped with safety latches?

  • Slings/Chokers etc. fee of damage?

Part 8 - Fixed & Portable Ladders

  • Job-made ladders are constructed properly?

  • Ladders extend three feet (3') above top landing?

  • Ladders in good condition and free of oil/dirt/cracks?

  • Extension ladders tied off?

  • Extension ladders properly footed?

Part 9 - Scaffolds

  • Handrails and toe boards are installed properly?

  • Scaffolding is erected properly and inspections documented?

  • There is a competent person on site for scaffolding?

  • Guardrails on scaffolding meet requirements?

  • Use of base plates and mud sills?

  • Appropriate access and egress?

  • Not overloaded?

  • Mobile scaffolding properly erected? (Not more than 4 times the minimum base dimension & Diagonal bracing used)

  • Mobile scaffolding wheels locked out when person on scaffold?

Part 10 - Mobile Equipment

  • Operable backup alarms?

  • Parking break/wheels chocked?

  • Adequate clearance between equipment?

Part 11 - Electrical Installations

  • Cords are in good condition and are properly hung?

  • Temporary light bulbs are covered and hung properly?

  • Temporary power installed safely and cords hung properly?

  • Covers are in place on electrical panels?

Part 12 - Fire Protection & Prevention

  • No build-up of flammable debris or trash?

  • Flammable liquid cabinets & safety containers in use?

  • Flammable material is stored with HMIS lables?

  • LPG - use, equipment & storage?

  • Temporary heating properly protected?

Part 13 - Tools

  • Defective tools tagged and removed from service?

  • Safety guards operable and in place, cords inspected?

  • All electrical hand tools double insulated or equipped with three-wire ground plugs?

  • Workers have permits for powder actuated tools?

  • Proper disposal of powder loads?

  • Proper use of tools?

Part 14 - Guarding of Walking & Working Surfaces

  • Handrails are installed and secured properly?

  • Temporary filler material installed in metal pan stairways and landings? Risers are of equal height?

  • Ladder access at upper floors corralled?

Part 15 - Signals, Signs, Tags & Barricades

  • Danger signs are posted in hazardous areas?

  • Traffic control cones, barriers, signs and vests in use?

Part 16 - Aerial Work Platforms

  • Applicable permits are available?

  • Fall protection utilized when required?

  • Safety chains and gates are latched or closed?

  • Equipment properly maintained?

Part 17 - Right to Know/Hazard Communication

  • MSDS folder accessible and current?

  • Hazardous chemical inventory list kept current?

  • Chemical containers labeled - including gas cans?

Part 18 - Fall Protection

  • Anyone working over six feet (6') is protected by guardrails, safetynet, or personal fall arrest system?

  • All sides or edges are properly protected?

  • Appropriate guardrail system in place?

  • Lanyards secured properly?

  • Floor holes greater than 2 inches (2") are covered?

  • Hole covers secured and clearly marked?

  • Guardrails/mid-rails/toe boards adequately installed?

  • Perimeter cable adequately installed?

Part 19 - Lock Out/Tag Out

  • Lock out Tag Out kit on site?

  • Potential hazardous energy sources locked out and tagged as necessary?

Part 20 - Confined Space Entry

  • Confined space procedures documented?

  • Competent person identified and spotter onsite?

Checklist Corrections

  • Item #1:

  • Corrective Action Taken?

  • Name of Employee?

  • Name of Supervisor?

  • Date Corrected?

  • Add media

  • Item #2:

  • Name of Employee?

  • Name of Supervisor?

  • Add media

  • Date Corrected?

  • Corrective Action Taken?

  • Item #3:

  • Corrective Action Taken?

  • Name of Employee?

  • Name of Supervisor?

  • Date Corrected?

  • Add media

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