• Audit Title

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Shipping Information

  • Date Received

  • AWB/Container No.

  • Flight/Vessel

  • Supplier:

  • Grower

  • Temperature Recorder/s

  • Arrival Pulp Temperature<br>[2-8*C]

  • Batch Number/s

  • Fumigated

  • Country of Origin

Product Specifications

  • Weight [carton and individual bunches]<br>

  • Size [Length & Diameter mm]<br>(200-250mm Length)<br>(10-18mm Diameter)

  • Colour<br>[Bright green spears graduating to light green at base with minimal white on butt. Head leaflets tightly packed and slightly purple]<br>

  • Appearance<br>[Glossy bloom, clean cut base free of foreign matter]

  • Eating Quality<br>[Crisp, juicy spears, which snap easily when bent. No "off" odour or taste]

  • Maturity<br>

  • Shape<br>[Straight with compact heads]

Packaging and Labelling

  • Importer Label

  • Packed on Date

  • Outer Packaging Condition

  • Foreign Objects/Matter

Defect Criteria

  • Minor Defects<br>[Do not affect shelf life of product]<br>Blemishing <2cm<br>Undersize

  • Major Defects

Assessment Result


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