TFMS Section 9 Design and construction of equipment v6

  • 9.1 Design, construction and location
    All equipment must be properly specified, commissioned, checked against local legislation for suitability and risk assessed for food safety prior to use. Equipment must be designed, constructed and located to enable cleaning, maintenance, and servicing. Equipment must be maintained in a good condition to prevent foreign object risks. This includes welds and joints which must be smooth and impervious.

  • 9.1.1 (Medium) Design, construction and location
    Equipment must be constructed from materials that are not susceptible to damage under normal usage and cleaning and do not pose a risk to the user or product. Where appropriate, equipment must be stripped down for effective cleaning. Parts susceptible to wearing on mechanical equipment e.g. belts, brushes and scrapers that come into contact with product, must be of a contrasting colour to the product and be regularly inspected for wear and damage.

  • 9.2 Equipment in storage
    Equipment which is not being used must be stored so as not to pose a risk to the product.

  • 9.3 Mobile equipment
    Mobile equipment e.g. forklift trucks, pallet trucks, gas heaters, fans, scissor lifts and ladders must be clean, maintained and stored in a suitable area when not in use.

  • 9.3.1 (Medium) Mobile equipment
    Mobile equipment e.g. forklift trucks and pallet trucks that are used in open food areas must not be used in external site areas. Battery charging points must not be in production areas unless the batteries are fully sealed/maintenance free.

  • 9.4 Temperature control equipment
    Equipment installed to maintain the temperature of an area must be suitable to ensure the correct temperatures are maintained under maximum load with records kept as evidence.
    Equipment for temperature control must not pose a safety or contamination risk through poor condition, bad fitting or maintenance, poor function or leaks.


  • 4.6.1 All equipment shall be constructed of appropriate materials. The design and placement of equipment shall ensure it can be effectively cleaned and maintained.

  • 4.6.2 Equipment which is in direct contact with food shall be suitable for food contact and meet legal requirements where applicable.

Morrisons 4.6 Equipment v4

  • 4.6.3 All surfaces including welds and joints must be smooth and impervious.

  • 4.6.4 Equipment in open food areas must be designed to allow easy and quick strip down for detailed cleaning. Electrical cabling and air pressure lines shall be hygienically designed to allow adequate cleaning.

  • 4.6.5 Equipment which is out of service and stored in internal production and storage areas shall be kept clean and stored in a manner that does not pose a risk to persons or product.

  • 4.6.6 Battery charging equipment shall not be stored in open food areas

  • 4.6.7 Mobile equipment e.g. fork-lift trucks, pallet trucks, scissor lifts and ladders shall be clean, well maintained and stored in a suitable area when not in use.

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