Are the method statements available for all contractors and their activities and is there evidence that the workforce have been briefed and understood them ?

Is it clear to visitors where they are supposed to report?

Are visitors booked in?

Is there a record of CSCS cards?

Is there an induction for visitors?

Is appropriate PPE being worn by all site personnel, i.e.
Eye protection ,Hearing protection, HI-VIZ, Hard hats, Boots etc.

Are the F10 notification, Employers liability insurance, Health and Safety policy statement, HSE law poster, COSHH poster clearly displayed?

Is there evidence of the competence of the workforce, i.e copies of employees training certification on file?

Are fire extinguishers & First Aid facilities Avaliable?

Is there qualified first aid personnel on site?

Is the hospital route displayed and emergency contact numbers available?

Are there systems on site for monitoring weather conditions and changes which could pose a threat?


Is the site enclosed, or is there other protection for the public?

Are there any areas where trespassers might gain access to site?

Are there any trips or similar hazards in public areas?

Is there adequate signage to the public?
Warnings of danger, Keep out, Contact number for out of hours Emergency response?


Are there clear designated pedestrian walkways?

Are there any areas for material storage

Is the site accessible, kept tidy with no materials or debris causing trip/slip hazards?


Is there a traffic management plan in place, updated as site progresses?
Has all personnel seen it?

Does the plan identify separate pedestrian & vehicle routes where possible?

Are obstacles such as excavations and scaffolds clearly marked or protected?

Does any plant need a banksman and if so, is there one present?

Are there any potentially dangerous slopes where machinery might slide or overturn.

Are operatives of dumpers wearing lap belts?

Are flashing beacons working on all plant?

Is there a speed limit on site?


Has a safe system of works been put in place to ensure fall protection or prevention ?

Are all open edges and holes appropriately protected to guard against falls of people and material?

Have all scaffolds been erected appropriately to meet the needs for which they are constructed?
Are recorded inspections/handover tickets available?

Are all working platforms fully & properly boarded out?
Boards in good condition?

Are guardrails, toe boards and brick guards been fitted?

Stored material are evenly distributed on the scaffold platforms and not excessive or above guardrails?

Are ladders used only as means of access, except for short duration work?

Are ladders secured before use to prevent slipping?


Is any lifting equipment suitable for this purpose?
Are weekly checks undertaken?

Is the load secure?

Is the lifting equipment working on solid even ground?

Is there a certification of thorough examination for the crane and lifting accessories?

Is there a suitable lifting plan and an appointed person?
Operators license on file?


Are appropriate precautions in place to safe guard against striking underground services during the work?

Has identification of buried services or services exposed during the works been carried out & recorded

Have all overhead lines been identified and steps taken to remove divert or mark lines to prevent contact?

Is there a permit to did system in place?

Are goal post and signage being used to warn of overhead services?


Are there any designated confined spaces?

If the answer above is yes, is there a thorough risk assessment and method statement and are the requirement being adhered to?

Are there any other locations which which might be a confined space but which have not been designated?


Have positive steps been taken to identify materials likely to be supplied in bulk, in unacceptably large size units?(blocks, dry goods, cement)

Are workers manually lifting any large items of equipment or material?
What is the largest?

Is COSHH information available for materials being used on site?


Are all welfare facilities reasonably accessible to all workers on site?

Is there accommodation available for sitting, heating water & preparing food?

Are there adequate numbers of toilets & wash basins with warm water,cleaners & towels and are they being well maintained?

If cooking personnel on site,does she/he hold a current food hygiene certificate?


Any Additional comments

Signed of behalf of Oskomera.