• Conducted on

  • Name of assessor

DSE Details

  • Location Of Workstation

  • Name of user

  • Computer make

  • Computer Type

  • Serial number

  • Model number



  • Is the workstation suitable for the job, environment and user?

  • Has the equipment been PAT Tested

  • Is it easy to manoeuvre if required?

  • Is the screen image clear?

  • Is the screen free from glare?

  • Is the screen absent from flicker / jitter?

  • Is the size suitable for the task?

  • Is the angle of tilt adjustable?

  • Is there a brightness/contrast control?


  • Is the keyboard detachable or movable?

  • Does the keyboard have a tilt facility?

  • Has the keyboard got clear, clean symbols?

  • Has the keyboard got Matt surround and non reflective keys?


  • Is the desk size sufficient, to provide space for equipment, documents etc?

  • Is there sufficient space under the desk for knee clearance?

  • Is there sufficient leg room?

  • Is there sufficient support for hands and wrists? (0.05 - 00.1 metres)


  • Does it provide support for the back, pelvis, and buttocks?

  • Does it have a 5 star base configuration of casters?

  • Does it swivel?

  • Is it adjustable in height? (Ideally between 0.38 - 0.42m)

  • Does the back rest adjust in height and tilt? (Ideally 0.38 - 0.42m)

  • Are the mechanisms for adjustment easy to operate when sitting?


  • Is it satisfactory sited in relation to the way it is used?

  • Does it have a lot of noise emission?


  • Does your feet touch the floor?

  • If above is no, is a foot rest provided

Working Posture

  • Is the distance between the DSE screen approximately 0.35 - 0.70m?

  • Are your eyes cast down at an angle of approx 15 - 20 degrees?

  • Is the telephone suitably accessible ?

Work Regime

  • Is the keyboard work regularly interrupted by other activities taking you away from the workstation?

  • Are there sufficient periods away from the DSE keyboard? (5-10 mins every hr)



  • Is the lighting in the workplace and at the desk suitable and sufficient?

  • When DSE tasks require reading of documents is there additional lighting at the desk?

  • Is the additional lighting suitable and adjustable?

  • Is the position of the windows comparable with the DSE?

  • To avoid glare; are the DSE positioned between overhead lights rather than directly underneath?

  • Are there blinds on the windows

Heating & Ventilation

  • Are the temperatures and relative humidity comfortable?

  • Is there sufficient supply of fresh or purified air?


  • Is there excessive or annoying amount of noise?


  • Assessor Signature

  • Comments

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