• Restaurant Number

  • Reason for visit

  • Restaurant Manager

  • Manager on Duty

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

Drive-Thru Visit

  • Was the parking lot and drive thru lane clean upon arrival?

  • Greeted within 5 seconds at the speaker box?

  • Did the employee state their name?

  • Did the employee suggestive sell or upsell?

  • Did the employee ask "Do I have your order correct on the screen?"

  • Provided a total and asked to pull forward?

  • Were the menu boards and directionals clean?

  • Drive-thru pad and window area is clean and organized?

  • Greeted within 5 seconds at the window?

  • Employee is friendly, engaging and smiling and in proper uniform?

  • Order was repeated?

  • Drink was provided right after accepting payment?

  • Provided a receipt with change and told about the survey?

  • Offered condiments, and given napkins?

  • Was asked "How was your service today?"

  • Was thanked and invited back?

  • Employee Name

  • Total time less than 4 minutes?

  • Window time less than 60 seconds?

  • Order was 100% accurate?

  • Proper bagging procedures were followed? Product Hot, Fresh, and Presented well?

Outside & Dining Room

  • Dumpster area clean, lids closed, recycle boxes broken down, pallets secured?

  • Landscaping is fresh and inviting? ie. cigarette buts, trash etc.

  • Sidewalks are clean and in good repair?

  • Windows, window ledges and doors are clean? Window blinds are at the same level, up or down when appropriate.

  • Is proper POP displayed? Now hiring and all door signs look good? No handwritten signage?

  • Hours of Operations are properly displayed?

  • Menu boards Aligned and look sharp?

Maintenance and Repair Items Outside

  • Outside elements are in good repair?

  • Outside
  • Item

  • Outside Items

Restaurant Focus Area Follow-up (root causes and action plan)


  • Person in Charge:

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