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  • Regional Director - Factory Manager

Last site visit

  • Have all actions been completed from the last safety tour

Site safety objectives/plan

  • Does the Site's safety objectives/plan include last year's lost drivers ( accident/incidents)?

  • Does it include safety climate tool survey.

  • Does it include the previous years Willis recommendations?

Safety Climate Tool Survey

  • What systems have the site put in place to improve the safety climate results?

COGNOS reporting

  • Explained recent issues and how COGNOS system operates.

Contractor control

  • Does the site have an Approved Contractors list?

  • Have the Contractors received a documented safety induction?

  • Have the site received the required insurance documents (check one contractor from list)?

  • Do the Contractors supply risk assessments and method statements?

Lock off system

  • Does the site have a Lock Off system in place.

  • Is there a register (check that it is being used).

  • How is the register monitored?

  • Have all necessary staff received documented training (check one person)


  • Are all fire exits, fire points clear of obstructions?

  • Is the fire signage clear and visible.

  • Have the site completed the document issued by Michael Stegeman re fire panels?

  • Is there a hot work permit in place and is it regularly used, check fire watch sign off.


  • Have the shift FLT checks been completed?

  • Are there adequate pedestrian walkways/separation in place?

  • Do people in the area wear the required PPE.

  • Driving of FLT, any issues, good driving - sounding horn etc.

  • Racking checks in place

  • Is the Racking in good order?

  • Does the site have a key control procedure for internal and external drivers?

Working at height

  • Have the site got a ladder register?

  • Are inspections carried out every quarter?

  • Date of last inspection.

  • Ladder- working at height issues identified during the audit .

  • Any ladders damage or not numbered?

  • Have staff received any ladder training?

Site tour Moulding

  • Are machines adequately guarded and or fitted with appropriate safety devices ?

  • Have the shift safety checks been completed to a satisfactory level?

  • Any guarding issues?

  • Slip, trips and fall issues?

  • Personnel related issues- not following the safety procedures.

  • Housekeeping around the machines

Site tour Print/Finishing Dept

  • Have the shift safety checks been completed?

  • Any guarding issues?

  • Slips, trips and falls issues.

  • Chemical/substance control.

  • Personnel related issues. (Not wearing PPE etc)

General site safety.

  • Issues identified during site visit.

Lifting equipment

  • Is there a colour coding system in place?

  • All lifting equipment in good condition and tagged?

  • Lifting equipment not stored in individual Toolboxes

  • Staff have received documented training to use lifting equipment.

  • Check one Engineers and one Setters Toolbox for any unauthorised lifting equipment


  • What safety training has been completed this year

  • Does the site carry out Toolbox talks

General site safety.

  • Issues identified during site visit.

Accident, Near Misses & Hazard reporting.

  • Do staff report hazards and what is the current ratio per hazards per person.

  • Check one recent accident and one near miss to see if the root cause and any actions have been completed.

Hand Tools

  • Check one persons Toolbox for any damaged tools.

General comments regarding site.

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