Please add as much information to this form when completing to justify your actions as to why a job has been cancelled. Please remember that a cancellation has a massive effect on your customer and our business so please follow the cancellation hierarchy you have been given by your team manager.

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Regional cancelation champions. Please utilise nearest champions if your team has none in on the day. East 0201 Sam Carvell 07917882781 David Newton 07789617842, Rory Keane 07801211763 East 0202 Jason Goodlad 07825105517 Jared Langham 07825401599, Stuart Wyman 07841368520, Tony Kay 07824373633. East 0203 Aaron Hadley 07801678015 Gary Plant , Paul Bunn , Hamed Stevens. East 0204 Kevin Carey 07713264140 Chris Matthews 07773196126, Rob Jones 07715033368, Pete Bridge 07801210904 East 0205 Damian O'Callaghan 07843363092 Mo Nassar 07843363338, Damien Peck 07787268872 Phil Rhodes 07730637428, Dave Greensall 07801211538 East 0206 Richard Newell 07841368456 Marcus Carnevale 07713330109, Lawrence Smith 07841293345, Ray Simmonds 07718215387 East 0207 Mark Kelly 07801211861 Keith Brown 07715715748, Richard Darwin 07825938347

  • Cancellation hierarchy

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  • What is the reason for the cancellation? ( line of site, building work etc) (Please add as much information as possible to justify all actions taken to ensure all was done for the customer).

  • Please add as many relevant pictures as possible.

  • 2nd opinion by? (Please name) ( please add times and any info regarding 2nd opinion)

  • Rebooked for SAT? ( Why is the job unable to be completed on the day by any other regional SE team?)

  • Discussed with Team Manager / champion before cancelling? (Please name and what time the call was made and any other relevant information)

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