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  • Development Application Number

  • Property Address:
  • Completed by:

  • Conducted on

Outside Building


  • Meterbox - Stickers: Termite treatment provided

  • Meterbox - Circuit smoke alarms are connected to identified on meter board


  • Excavated areas adequately retained/battered to contain cut

  • Finished ground level graded away from building (50mm over first 1m)

  • Earth & material stockpiles & refuse removed from site, including from any adjoining land

  • Ground surface graded to interallotment drainage pit/street (surface water drainage)

  • Landscaping established or sediment control fencing retained

  • Driveway cross-over constructed with no trip hazards, service lids flush with driveway

  • Stormwater connection made to kerb (kerb adapter) or interallotment pit

  • Kerb & gutter has not been damaged by building work

Building - General

  • Articulation Joints located as per engineers detail & filled with mastic

  • Weep holes visible and clear

  • Finished floor level appears at least 150mm above adjoining finished ground level

  • External perimeter Termite treatment barrier system not breached

  • House number displayed

  • External finish of building completed to a satisfactory finish

Water plumbing

  • External tap(s) fixed to building or hardwood stake (not within meter stand exclusion zone)

  • Tap from rainwater tank marked "NOT FOR DRINKING"

Hot water heater

  • TPR valve provided

  • Pressure release pipe discharges at >1m away, 75><300mm above paving

  • Cold water expansion valve provided on cold water line before heater

  • Hot water temperature control - tempering valve(s) provided

Overflow Relief Gully

  • 150mm below lowest sanitary fixture in building & onsite

  • 75mm above ground level; or the concrete/paved path graded away

  • Grate present & loose

Sanitary drainage

  • Safe waste outlets - extended to outside, has flap & is clear of mortar

  • Educt vent pipes extended through roof - provided with cowl and flashed

  • Boundary shaft visible at ground level with concrete collar/surround

  • Does the development include a sewage management system?

  • Sewage management facility installation completed

  • Sewage management facility disposal field suitable for use

Guttering and downpipes

  • High-front guttering provided with overflow relief

  • Number of roof Downpipes provided as per approved plan/CC notation

  • Gutter divided at party wall (for semi-detached dwellings with subdivision approval)

  • Rainwater tank provided - capacity, pump, three-way valve, pipe work marked as per DA consent


  • Comments:

Inside Building

Fire Safety

  • Smoke alarms located as per plans

  • Is the building a Class 1b?

  • Smoke alarms activate emergency light

  • Fire Safety Schedule & Certificates displayed in prominent position

Safe Movement

  • Does the building contain stairs or steps?

  • Are the risers 115mm to 190mm

  • Are the goings 240mm to 355

  • Handrail provided to stair


  • 865mm above stair nosing treads

  • 1m above floor on landings/walkways etc

  • 125mm maximum spacing between rails

Occupant Safety

  • Safety glass evident in glazed doors, side panels, full height windows (ie labels affixed)

  • Safety glass evident in shower screens (ie labels affixed)

  • Bedroom openable window(s) have protection where floor level >2m above surface below

  • Openable window(s) have barrier & protection where floor level >4m above surface below

  • Toilet door(s) comply - 1.2m measured from pan to door jamb, lift-off hinges, sliding door. For lift-off hinges, an adequate gap provided above door

Wet Areas, Water Plumbing & Sanitary Drainage

  • Floor wet areas appear to be graded to floor waste, shower, safe waste or external door

  • Floor wastes charged & clear of obvious obstructions

  • No leaks evident at fixture traps and wc pan seal

  • Water hammer not evident

Building - General

  • Internal finish of building completed to a satisfactory finish

  • Building consistent with approved floor plans (doors, windows, wall positions etc)

  • Garage engaged piers no greater than 1800 centres

  • Mechanical ventilation provided to enclosed wc, bath, laundry, kitchen


  • Comments

Adminstrative matters


  • The following certificates are required

  • The following certificates have been received

  • Driveway footpath cross-over signed-off by Technical Services (email)

  • BASIX Receipt generated


  • Have all critical stage & PCA specified inspections been undertaken

  • Have all relevant conditions of DA consent been met?

  • Have all conditions of DA consent prior to issue of OC been met?

  • Have applicable s94/64 contributions been paid?

  • Does the development involve a sewage management facility?

  • Can a Notice to Use Sewage Management Facility be issued?

  • Application for Approval to a Operate Sewage Management Facility lodged?

  • Operate a Sewage Management Facility application referred to Sustainability Co-ordinaries?


  • Comments:

Critical Stage / PCA Inspections Undertaken

Critical Stage Inspections:

  • Piers/pads/strip footings

  • Slab

  • Frame

  • Waterproofing to wet areas

  • Stormwater

  • Final

Other Inspections:

  • Fire wall (attached dwellings)

  • Fire wall/external wall sealing (attached dwellings)

  • Eave separation (attached dwellings)

Plumbing/Drainage Inspections:

  • Internal sanitary drainage

  • Water plumbing

  • External sanitary drainage

  • Sewage Management Facility

  • Plumbing & Drainage Final


  • Comments:



  • Occupation Certificate Authorised for Issue:

  • Accredited Officer

  • Senior Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1234 (A1 accreditation)

  • Senior Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1664 (A1 accreditation)

  • Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 0970 (A2 accreditation)

  • Building Services Supervisor
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1236 (A1 accreditation)

  • Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1339 (A1 accreditation)

  • Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1739 (A3 accreditation)

  • Senior Building Development Officer
    Accreditation Number: BPB 1496 (A1 accreditation)

  • Signature of Officer:

  • Date:

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