• Name of operator and position

  • Does the operator know hazard on his process? (eWI) ASK

  • Does the operator know the required PPE in his process? Properly worn? ASK/ OBSERVE

  • Proof

  • Does the operator know the ff:
    Plant Safety Officer (Alvin Moral)
    Any ERT Member (see list)
    Emergency Hotline (8200)
    Emergency Ext & Evac Procedure (Nearest and evac immediately) ASK

  • Does the operator know the CTQ in the Process? (eWI) ASK

  • Does the operator handles 0P/materials properly? (See Guide) OBSERVE

  • Proof

  • Can operator identify defects on his parts?(eWI) ASK

  • Does the operator know his OCAP? (3 consecutive failure or defects, stop, raise Andon/call attention of CL) ASK

  • If Required, does operator uses anti-ESD device? (eWI)Observe

  • Proof

  • If required, did the operator performed anti-ESD devide checking? ASK/VERIFY

  • Does the operator know the ff process: ASK
    > MRB (see procedure)
    > NCR (root cause through 5y)
    > PDN (continue process with deviation)

  • Does operator know where to open JBS/OWS? (Indusoft/manually save) ASK

  • Is OWS of the running model posted? OBSERVE

  • Does the operator follow the process sequence in OWS? OBSERVE

  • Proof

  • Is the operator using the proper tool? (eWI) OBSERVE

  • Proof

  • If pneumatic torque, did he perform torque verification? (Torque logsheet) ASK

  • For ITD, does the operator kniw how to use it (selection of correct program)? OBSERVE

  • Does the operator know how to use Indusoft? ASK
    > openning
    > logging
    > output and downtime declaration ( sample)
    > andon escalation

  • If Required, does operator know what is MES and how to use it?

  • Is the operator certify on the process?

  • Does the operator perform requure checklist/logsheets? (Check actual logsheets) ASK

  • Does the operator know how to verify the correct part #? (JBS) ASK

  • Does the operator know and able to meet required UPH? ASK/ OBSERVE

  • Proof

  • For Machine operator, does he know AUTONOMOUS MAINTENANCE and TPM? ASK

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