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EANA Leadership WalkRound

Staff Communication Skills

  • Communication with MDT, Patient, Family, Visitors etc

General Facility

  • General orderliness & cleanliness of the department, corridor & patient rooms

  • Call Bell Availability, Functionality & Nurses Response

  • Infection Prevention & Control Practices

  • Fire Safety/Emergency Preparedness

  • Waste Management

  • Linen management/ Curtains

  • Equipment & Furniture

  • Appropriate storage of medication & stock items

  • Unresolved maintenance / Biomed issues

OPEN/ INDIVIDUAL CONVERSATION WITH STAFF (Ref: Patient Safety Leadership WalkRounds™, Institute for Healthcare Improvement). Use any of the following questions): “Can you think of any events in the past day or few days that have resulted in prolonged hospitalization for a patient?” “Have there been any near misses that almost caused patient harm but didn’t?” “Have there been any incidents lately that you can think of where a patient was harmed? “What aspects of the environment are likely to lead to the next patient harm?” "Is there anything we could do to prevent the next adverse event?” “Can you think of a way in which the system or your environment fails you on a consistent basis?” “What specific intervention from leadership would make the work you do safer for patients?” “How are we actively promoting a blame-free culture and working on the development of a blame-free reporting policy?”


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