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UM WalkRound Cross Audit - Hemodialysis

HAEMODIALYSIS (1 standard & 15 sub- standards)

HM.7.2 Infection control guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • HM.7.2.1 Adequate space (1.2 -1.5 meters) between patients to prevent transmission of infection. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.2 Separation between patient care (contaminated) and office/supply areas (clean). (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.3 Standard precautions are strictly implemented in the unit with special emphasis on hand hygiene and the appropriate use of gloves, gowns, masks, and other barriers. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.4 Adequate supply of personal protective equipment is available and readily accessible. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.5 Hand disinfectants for waterless hand hygiene should be available at every chair/ bed. Hands are washed before and after contact with each patient. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.6 Sinks are available in adequate number (preferably one for every 2-4 chair/beds) and are conveniently located. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.7 Staff members have the required knowledge for safe practices to avoid cross contamination. (Staff Interview)

  • HM.7.2.8 Sharp disposal containers are available at each chair/bed and elsewhere as needed within the unit. Needles and sharps are disposed appropriately. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.9 Infectious wastes are disposed in accordance with hospital’s waste disposal policies. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.10 Surfaces of machines including the control panels, blood pressure cuffs and chairs/ beds are disinfected after use with an approved disinfectant. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.11 Blood spills are cleaned properly. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.12 Equipment such as blood pressure cuffs, stethoscopes, clamps, scissors and thermometers are allocated to a single patient and are disinfected at the conclusion of each patient treatment session. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.13 Supplies and equipment are properly handled in a way that prevents contamination. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.15 A process is in place for infection control procedures for dialysis machines between patients. (Observation)

  • HM.7.2.16 A process is in place for appropriate cleaning and disinfection of the water treatment and distribution system. (Observation)


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