DTA & JHA Review

General Safety

  • Are all employees familiar with the JHA for this operation?

  • Have the Daily Task Analysis/Toolbox Talk & Equipment Inspections been properly filled out and signed?

  • Is there a first aid kit on site and are emergency numbers and facilities identified?

  • Is there drinking water available on site?

  • Is the job site clean? Is area of work well maintained?

  • Do all employees have the required PPE? (High visibility vest or shirt, hard hat, safety glasses, steel toe boots, gloves)

Steel Material Handling

  • Is the operator handling steel properly trained?

  • Are non-essential employees an adequate distance away from pickup/drop off point?

  • Is rigging properly tagged and inspected?

  • Is the machine receiving signals from only one signal person?

Steel Cage Assembly

  • Is cage assembly area restricted through use of fencing or other methods?

  • Is cage assembly area in a suitable condition? (Level, Dry)

  • Are iron rack stands in good condition?

  • Are cages stacked LESS than 5 feet high?

  • Are employees standing sufficient distance away from where completed cages are being pushed?

  • Are employees pushing cages off rack properly to not get their hands caught?


  • Is Superintendent/Foreman keeping track of weather conditions?

  • Is there shelter for safe hiding from inclement weather? Grounded Conex, Mobile Office, or Personal Vehicle?


  • Do all employees know the HJ Way for the week? Do all employees know the Weekly Safety Focus? Do all employees know the Keller Safety Principals [M.A.N]?

  • Are employees aware of the Stop Work Authority program? Do all employees know what S.A.F.E stands for?

Feedback/Opportunities for Improvement

  • Add media


  • Superintendent/Foreman

  • Safety Inspector

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