• ECO FM - Regional FM Site Audit Report.

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Site Documentation

  • Does the site have any form of monthly inspection?<br><br>NB: Any noted inspections hour be interrogated to identify any site management requirements.

  • Are there any existing reactive tasks outstanding?

  • Do Eco FM hold a copy of the contractors current waste carriers licence and a waste transfer note for the service being conducted?


  • Does the site have a building manual?

  • Is the property contact sheet up to date?

  • Are current site plans available?

  • Is there any health and safety information present and does it reflect legislative requirements?

  • Have water temperature checks been completed in the last month?

  • Have emergency light tests completed in the last month?

  • Is the Fixed wire test report present and in date?

  • Is the weekly fire alarm test records present and correct?

  • Has a fire drill been completed within the last 6 months?

  • Is the emergency evacuation plan present and correct?

  • Is Asbestos information present and correct?<br>

External Review

  • Is grounds maintenance at an acceptable level? Including landscaping, litter picking etc.

  • Is the exterior to the property (including car park and signage) issue free?

Internal Review

  • Is the interior of the property (including signage, plants rooms, decoration) issue free?

  • Is the cleaning to an acceptable standard?

  • Has all PFE been tested within the last 12 months?

  • Is fire exit directional signage present and correct?

  • Is in case of fire signage present and correct?

  • Is the roof access restricted and appropriate signage displayed?

  • Is there a H&S law poster present on site?

  • Are all plant rooms locked and display adequate signage?

Lift Information

  • Record Of lift details, including make, reference number, weight capacity etc.

  • Does the lift alarm sound?

  • Does the Lift alarm connect to a monitoring centre? (Give details of monitoring company and lift line number)

  • Are "Do not use lift in case of fire" signage present?

Site Staff

  • Has all representatives been visited? List any complaints and/ or plaudits.

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