Previous Inspection

  • Has the previous inspection been reviewed?

  • Are there any outstanding actions and if so what is their current status?

  • Area to be inspected (click add area and questions will populate)

  • Area
  • Location:

Emergency and Fire Prevention

  • Are fire extinguishers secured? (e.g. to the wall or within a cage)

  • Fire extinguishers been inspected and tagged within the last six months? Check punch-out mark on tag.

  • Date punched on tag. Choose the 1st of the month.

  • Fire extinguishers and fire hoses locations clearly marked with signage?

  • Fire extinguishers and fire hoses clear of obstructions? (Equipment easy to access)

  • Exits clear of obstructions?

  • Exit signs visible and working?

  • Are Emergency evacuation maps present? Can be near exit door or in lobby.

Furniture, Walls and Floors

  • Corridors clear of clutter and obstructions?

  • Floors free from damage?

  • Floors free from trip hazards?

  • Doors open and close easily?

General Lighting

  • Good natural lighting in area?

  • Is reflected light from walls, ceilings, windows causing glare for staff?

  • Lights in good working order?

Electrical Safety

  • No power cords across walkways?

  • General Power Outlets (GPOs) in good order? (E.g. Not cracked, broken plugs or/and switches)

  • No double adapters in use on GPOs or piggybacked power boards?

  • Is all electrical equipment (photocopiers, faxes, printers and shared white goods) in good working order?

  • Is all the portable electrical equipment tested and tagged?

  • Is all the portable electrical equipment in good condition?

Storage Design and Use

  • Are materials stored in racks and bins wherever possible?

  • Storage designed to minimise lifting problems?

  • Floors around racking are clear of rubbish?

  • Are the racks and pallets in good condition(free of damage)?

  • Are the storage loads stacked appropriately and stable?

  • Osh rep

  • Manager

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