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Electrical Commissioning Checklist

Low Voltage (L.V.) Installation

Working Space and Facilities

  • Adequacy working space and safe access provided for switch room and /or electrical facilities.

  • Entrance /exit to switch room and/or electrical facilities are free of obstruction.

  • Suitable locking facilities provided for switch room and /or electrical facilities.

  • Suitable lighting provision provided for switch room and /or electrical facilities.

  • Suitable ventilation provision provided for switch room and /or electrical facilities.

  • Suitable tools for withdrawal of fuses at fuse board provided.

  • A warning notice ‘DANGER—UNAUTHORISED ENTRY PROHIBITED’ provided at every entrance of switch room.

  • Fire barriers and other measures for protection against thermal effects are properly installed.

  • Danger notices, warning notices, schematic diagrams, instructions and similar information are correctly and adequately provided.

  • Warning notices for substations and switch rooms provided in compliance.

  • Warning notices for earthing and main bonding connections provided in compliance.

  • All switchgears, distribution boards and electrical equipment properly labelled.

Switchboard, Main Switch and Circuit Breaker

  • An up-to-date notice of periodic inspection and testing provided at point of supply (i.e. a switchboard, a circuit breaker or a distribution board) of the installation.

  • Circuits, fuses, switches, terminals, etc. are provided with a legible and durable identification label.

  • No visible damage to impair safety.

  • Work done properly recorded in logbook.

  • An up-to-date schematic diagram displayed.

  • All accessible live parts screened with insulating plate or earthed metal.

  • All exposed conductive parts effectively earthed.

  • Earthing system effectively connected.

  • Warning notice displayed at main bonding connections.

  • All protective devices are functioned properly and correctly set.

  • Suitable interlock scheme provided to prevent parallel operation of two or more sources of supply and 4-pole incoming and interconnecting circuit breakers provided for supply to be taken from more than one source and is interconnected.

  • Electrically and mechanically interlocked 4-pole changeover device(s) where standby generator set(s) is installed.

  • The breaking capacity of all circuit breakers /interconnection devices are able to withstand the prospective fault current.

  • Protective relays have been correctly set and overcurrent protective devices suitably set for all circuits.

  • Protective type current transformers are used for protective relays.

  • A means of isolation provided for every circuit.

  • Operation of circuit breakers and main switches checked.

  • Control, indication and alarm functions checked.

  • No undersized conductor used between the main busbar and fuse/MCB’s.

  • Fuses/MCB’s matching the lowest rated conductor in the circuit.

  • Suitable cable terminations provided.

  • Cable conductors of correct phases connected.

  • Single-pole devices for protection or switching connected in phase conductors only.

Distribution Board

  • A warning notice ‘DANGER’ provided on the front panel of every distribution board.

  • A notice of periodic testing provided at or near the main distribution board incorporating a residual current device.

  • Distribution boards securely mounted on suitable supports.

  • A suitable switch provided to control each distribution board.

  • Phase barriers for 3-phase distribution board provided, where necessary.

  • The breaking capacity of MCB is compliant.

  • Suitable tools for withdrawal of fuses at a fuse board provided, where necessary.

  • Circuits connected to MCB or fuse in accordance with the schematic diagram.

Conductors, Cables and Wiring

  • No visible damage to impair safety.

  • All live conductors and their methods of insulation, in relation to design currents of circuits and to the operating currents of the protective devices, are properly selected and erected.

  • All cables, flexible cords, switches, plugs and socket outlets, accessories and equipment are found to be in good working conditions.

  • All conductors are correctly and securely connected and identified.

  • Armored cables properly terminated to metal casing or trunking by proper cable glands.

  • Cables passing through smoke lobby protected by enclosures of adequate fire rating.

  • Non-sheathed cables protected by conduit, trunking or ducting.

  • Cables and ductings adequately supported.

  • Cables at distribution board or busbar terminated with cable lugs

  • Main cables connected up with correct polarity.

  • Cables protected against mechanical damage and suitably supported.

  • All exposed metal parts including the armor effectively earthed.

Final Circuits

  • All fuses and single pole switches connected to the phase conductors only with correct polarity.

  • Wiring for emergency lightings and fire services installation segregated from other wirings.

  • Low voltage circuits segregated from extra low voltage circuits.

  • Cables of all phases and neutral of the circuit bunched and contained in the same conduit.

  • Exposed insulated non-sheathed cables protected.

  • Wiring inside false ceiling protected by conduit/trunking or metallic sheath.

  • Socket outlets installed below 1.5m from floor being shuttered type complying with the prescribed requirements.

  • No socket outlet installed close to water tap, gas tap or cooker so as to avoid danger.

  • Floor socket outlets protected with suitable cover.

  • No 2-pin sockets installed. All socket outlets connected with protective conductors and live conductors terminated at correct terminals.

  • Radial final circuits using 5A/15A socket outlets in compliance.

  • Circuit protective conductor is formed by the enclosure and a separate protective conductor between the earthing terminal of socket outlet and its associated metal box provided.

  • Circuit protective conductor is not formed by the enclosure and a separate protective conductor to the earthing terminal of socket outlet provided.

  • Residual current device having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA provided for all socket outlets.

  • Minimum sizes of protective conductors are provided as per requirement for limitation of protective conductor impedance.

  • Means of isolation provided for every fixed appliance.

  • All chokes, starters and capacitors of discharge lamps enclosed in earthed metal box(es) and suitably ventilated.

  • Phase conductors connected to the center contact of the Edison-type screw lamp holders.

  • No switches other than a switch fed from a safety source or operated by an insulation cord or rod or a push-button type of switch having an insulated button of a large surface area provided in bathrooms.

  • Shaver supply unit is compliant

  • No fixed luminaire nor fixed heater having unguarded heating elements installed within reach of a person using the bath or shower.

  • Appliances exposed to weather being splash-proof type.

  • Luminaires, switches, sockets and plugs, cable couplers installed outdoor, being splash proof type.

  • General/site lighting readily accessible to the public supplied from a safety source.

  • General/site lighting not readily accessible to the public and not supplied from a safety source, protected by RCD having a rated residual operating current not exceeding 30mA.


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