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Health & Safety Information

  • 1. Is a Health & Safety notice board in place & up to date?

  • 2. Are recent Safety Alerts displayed on site?

  • 3. Are staff aware of recent safety initiatives? i.e. Don’t Walk By, Stop Campaign, Safety Observation targets?

Incident Reporting

  • 4. Are staff aware of incident reporting procedure? (Incident Hotline Poster & Escalation Flowchart displayed?)

  • 5. Do staff receive feedback on incidents that they have reported including remedial actions?

Workplace Environment/Housekeeping

  • 6. Are walkways clear & free from obstructions i.e. deliveries, waste bags, stored equipment etc.?

  • 7. Is flooring/walkways/steps (internal & external) are in good condition & not damaged?

  • 8. Are all areas (including store-rooms & plant rooms) tidy & well organised?

  • 9. Have trip hazards &/or head bumping hazards been eliminated or are highlighted with signs/warnings?

  • 10. Are there any trailing leads & other equipment creating a trip hazard?

  • 11. Is signage displayed in areas where work is being carried out i.e. wet floor signs etc..?

  • 12. Are spills &/or leaking equipment dealt with immediately & appropriate action taken?

  • 13. Are lighting levels appropriate & have faulty bulbs/tubes been replaced?

  • 14. Are barriers used to prevent access to work areas where appropriate?

  • 15. Are items stored in appropriate locations with heavier items at a lower level?

Risk Assessment & Method Statements (RAMS)

  • 16. Are Risk Assessments available to staff for all work tasks?

  • 17. Are Method Statements/Safe Systems of Work or Local Operating Procedures available for high risk tasks?

  • 18. Do staff work safely & follow the Risk Assessment & Local Operating Procedure?


  • 19. Are all chemicals in clearly marked containers with appropriate labelling including hazard information?

  • 20. Are COSHH Assessments & Safety Data Sheets available on site/via Sypol for all substances in use?

  • 21. Are chemicals held securely to prevent access to unauthorised persons or spillage, e.g. locked & bunded?

  • 22. Have staff received appropriate training in the safe use of substances that are used on site?

  • 23. Are spill kits available & are staff trained in their use?

Manual Handling

  • 24. Have staff received manual handling training within the last 3 years?

  • 25. Are there adequate mechanical handling aids available (i.e. trolleys) & are staff trained in their use?

Fire Safety/First Aid

  • 26. Are there adequate numbers of trained fire wardens & First Aiders/Appointed Persons? Notices are up to date?

  • 27. Are first aid boxes in their allocated places & adequately stocked?

  • 28. Has there been a fire drill carried out & recorded in the last 12 months?

  • 29. Are all fire exits clear, have the correct signage and are free from obstructions?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • 30. All of the required PPE (including safety footwear) is available for all staff, in good condition and being worn?

Training & Competency

  • 31. Are staff competent to carry out their work activities & an up to date training matrix is available?

  • 32. Have staff have received a H&S Induction within the first 3 months?

  • 33. Do staff receive monthly Toolbox Talks?

Electrical Safety/Work Equipment

  • 34. Has all electrical equipment been portable appliance tested (PAT) tested within the last 12 months?

  • 35. Is all work equipment in good condition & appropriate for tasks carried out?

  • 36. Is all access equipment, e.g. ladders, listed on a Register & formally inspected within the last 6 months?

  • 37. Have all staff that use a PC completed a DSE Self-Assessment within the last 12 months & actions dealt with?


  • 38. Are all sub-contractors RAMS reviewed and approved before work commences on site?

  • 39. Do all sub-contractors receive relevant site information (Induction, Permit etc...) as part of setting to work process?

  • 40. Are all sub-contractor activities monitored to ensure contractors are working safely in accordance with RAMS?


  • 41. Is waste held in secure areas, correctly segregated & regularly removed from site?

  • 42. Are records available for all waste removed from site, e.g. Waste Carriers Registration & Waste Transfer Notes)

Any Other Hazards

  • Have any other hazards been identified during the inspection?

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