Are corridors free of stored items?

Are corridors free of flammable materials?

Are evacuation plans current?

Are Exit signs properly lit?

Do battery-operated emergency lights work properly (if applicable)?


Are stairwell doors clear of blocking materials?

Is stairwell lighting working properly?

Are all stair treads in tact?

Do first floor exit gates work properly and are they labeled properly for push-pull operation?

Is proper exiting signage posted in stairwell?

Are stairwells free of storage?

Equipment Storage/Storage Rooms

Do items on the floor meet appropriate storage requirements?

Are stored items below the 18" ceiling sprinkler plane?

Storeroom doors are not held or wedged open?

Is the door to the room kept locked when unoccupied?

Are sprinkler heads unobstructed?


Are EVS carts being left in the corridors?

Are EVS closets kept locked?

Is EVS equipment stored in appropriate places?

Corridor Rest Rooms

Are patient pull-for-help cords in good working condition?

Fire/Smoke Doors

Do fire/smoke doors close properly?

Are fire/smoke doors free of blocking items on both sides of the doors?

Electrical/Telephone Rooms

Is the door to the room locked when not in use?

Rooms do not contain inappropriate storage items?

Medical Gases

Are the medical gas shutoff valves labeled clearly?

Is staff aware of responsibility for shutting off medical gases during an emergency and where gas shutoff valves are located?

Are gas shutoff panels clearly accessible?

Are all oxygen tanks secured properly?

Fire Safety

Do staff know where fire alarm pull stations are located?

Are all fire pull stations accessible and do they appear to be in working order?

Have fire extinguishers been checked, and the tag marked properly?

Are fire sprinkler escutcheon plates all properly in place?

Patient Rooms (if applicable)

Does patient room door positively latch?

Is patient's emergency pull cord in tact and operational in the patient toilet room?

Does nurse call work properly?

Do electrical outlets appear to be in good condition?

Are over-bed light lenses secured?

Do all room lights work properly?

Do the exterior doors to patient isolation rooms have an automatic closer on them?

Are beds locked down (4North only)?


Are all rooms clearly labeled to assist emergency response personnel?

Linen/Utility Rooms

Linens and pillows are not on the floor?

Are items stored on the floor appropriately?

Is room storage below the 18" ceiling sprinkler restriction?

Is the door to the room kept closed appropriately?

Mechanical Spaces

Are items stored on the floor appropriately?

Is equipment(e.g. air handlers, etc.) clearly marked?

Are pipes on the floor painted appropriately to mark trip and fall hazards?

Are the rooms labeled properly for easy identification?


Extension cords are not in use?

No paper signs are posted in the area?

Offices/Dictation Room/Staff Station

Area is free of space heaters?

Items on floor are stored appropriately?

Items in area are stored below the 18" ceiling sprinkler plane?

All cabling is dressed appropriately under work surfaces?

Walking Surfaces/Flooring

Are all flooring and walking surfaces in good repair?

General Comments

Are life safety conditions1 met?

Are life safety conditions2 met?

Are life safety conditions3 met?

Are life safety conditions4 met?

Are life safety conditions5 met?

Are life safety conditions6 met?

Are life safety conditions7 met?

Are life safety conditions8 met?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.