Water Quality

  • Are all drains, channels and gutters clear

  • Is runoff from stockpiles and other disturbed areas being adequately intercepted and treated prior to discharge off site

  • Has all mud from truck movements been cleared from the road

  • Are creeks / riverbanks disturbed

Erosion and Sediment Control

  • Are all erosion and sediment control measures in place

  • Are all sediment and control measures in good condition

  • Do any sediment and control measures need clearing out. State if at >60% capacity

  • Are all temporary stockpiles surrounded with silt fences

  • Have all sediment control measures been inspected within 24hrs of any rainfall event >10mm

Fuel and Chemical / Spills

  • Are fuels and chemicals stored at least 20m away from water courses

  • Are fire extinguishers available on site

  • Have all spills been reported to the project manager or supervisor

  • Have environmental incident reports been investigated for all spills and investigated

  • Are spill absorbent materials on site

Noise and Vibration

  • Is construction occurring within approved normal working hours

  • Are working hours and the level of noise to be expected

  • Have noise emissions from plant / equipment been monitored

  • Are variable volume reversing alarms operable on all plant and trucks

  • Have all possible steps been taken to limit vibration

Air Quality

  • Are materials in trucks being covered before transporting

  • Are stockpiles covered or watered down

  • Are any plant or equipment emitting excessive exhaust

Flora & Fauna

  • Is all vegetation to be retained clearly marked temporary fencing

  • Are site works being retained to clearly defined areas

  • Are all stockpiles located 5 metres away from trees and protected vegetation

  • Have turning and parking areas for vehicles been established to minimise vegetation disturbance

  • Is cleared and excavated landfill material containing noxious weed being removed from site to a licensed waste management facility

  • Are noxious weeds on site being destroyed, and any newly germinated noxious weeds being controlled

  • Have disturbed areas been stabilised and revegetated with local species

Heritage / Archaeology

  • Have any indigenous or non indigenous heritage items been discovered on site

  • If so, was work stopped immediately and appropriate notifications made

  • Have provisions been made to minimise vibration around any identified heritage items


  • Is the site and surrounding are free of waste, litter and rubbish

  • Has all site-generated waste been collected and removed from the site to a licensed landfill or made available for recycling

  • Has hazardous and contaminated material been disposed of as per EPA requirements

All action items on this inspection report have been rectified by the inspector within 48 Hrs of this inspection

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