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  • Is there loose material, debris, worn carpeting?

  • Are the floors slippery, oily or wet?

  • What is the condition of the general flooring?

  • Are there any uneven levels of flooring?


  • Are all the lights in good working order?

  • Are bulbs missing?

  • Are any areas dark?

Stairways and Aisles

  • Are they clear and unblocked?

  • Are stairways well lighted?

  • Do the stair ways have the capping on the edges?

  • Are they in good condition?

  • Inspector's reference: This is an example of unblocked stairways. You can also attach/take photos and annotate them using iAuditor.

  • feee stairway.jpg
  • Are handrails, handholds in place?

  • Are the aisles marked and visible?

Emergency Equipment

  • Is all fire control equipment regularly tested and certified?

  • Is fire control equipment appropriate for the type of fire it must control?

  • Is emergency lighting in place and regularly tested?

  • Are doors holding with fire mag holders?

  • Are fire blankets in the correct places?

  • Are first aid boxes in the correct locations, tested and in good working order?


  • Are washrooms and food preparation areas clean?

  • Are the following provided adequately?

  • - bed room toilets and communal

  • Describe the locations that are not clean and sanitised and require attention.

  • - showers

  • - clothing storage / wardrobes

  • - kitchen

  • - dining room

  • - gym

Maintenance (outside and inside)

  • Are doors and locks in good working order?

  • Are ceiling tiles intact, undamaged and in place?

  • Are there no signs of weather damage or mold growth in the facility?

  • Are all windows unbroken and free from any type of damage?

  • Do air conditioning vents and ducts appear to be clean upon visual inspection?

  • Are outside lights in good working order?

  • Does the exterior of the building present no safety concern?

  • Is the parking lot area free of any safety concern? (i.e. overgrown landscaping, uneven pavement, traffic hazards)


  • Are aisles, doorways and corners free of obstructions to permit visibility and movement?

  • Are chairs in safe condition and are caster, rungs and legs sturdy?

  • Are all equipment and supplies in their proper places?

  • Is there adequate walking and egress clearance?


  • TSS is the organisation that controls, certifies and manages High View Care Centre.

    Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 15.41.24.png
  • Is the access control in good working order?

  • Do entry and exit procedures provide workers personal security at night?

  • Has the access control been certified and checked? (TSS)

  • Are emergency (evacuation, fire, hostile person) procedures in place?

  • If any of the above is not completed, you must arrange to contact TSS and organise for this to be completed.


  • Additional recommendation

  • Full Name & Signature of Inspector

Action Plan

  • Please detail below any actions that you have put in place as part of your risk assessment. If action is not required, put NOT REQUIRED in the submission field.

  • Floors

  • Lighting

  • Stairways and Aisles

  • Emergency Equipment

  • Sanitisation

  • Maintenance

  • General

  • Security

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