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Opportunity for Improvements, Incidents & Complaints

  • Have there been any recent noise, odour or other complaints?

  • If so, were these documented? How?

  • Is the operator aware of how to report an environmental complaint received from the public?

  • Have there been any incidents since the last audit (or within 6 months)?

  • If so, have any actions from this incident been implemented?

  • Is the operator aware of how to report incidents or opportunities for improvements?

  • Have there been any recent water quality exceedances of the EPA amalgamated license?

  • If yes, were they reported to EPA (if required)?

Documents & Record Management

  • Is a copy of the All Hazards Incident Management Plan available on site and current?

  • Is a copy of the Site Emergency Preparedness Plan available on site and current?

  • Is a copy of the Site Emergency Plan available on site and current?

  • Is the Lab Monitoring Logsheet being filled out as specified in the PMP?

  • Is the Plant Checklist being filled out as specified in the PMP?

  • Is the Site Security Checklist being filled out as specified in the PMP?

  • Have water quality samples been taken in accordance with the Routine Monitoring Schedule?

  • Has all plant and equipment been maintained in accordance with the Hansen Maintenance Schedule?

  • Are there maps available on the location of drainage on site and where these drain to?

  • Has all lab equipment been calibrated within the specified timeframe (i.e. by the due date) or within the six months?

  • Are there any other records or documents used to manage and monitor operations?

Visual Site Inspection

  • Are there higher than normal noise levels on-site (i.e. can anything be heard outside the premises boundary)? If yes, what has been done to resolve this?

  • Can you detect any odour on site?<br>

  • Can you detect any odour beyond the site boundary?

  • Are there any visible dust plumes, smoke or other visible emissions (other than water vapour) on site?

  • Are spill kits available on site and placed logically near bunds/ other areas where spills may occur?

  • Are all chemical filling points bunded?

  • Is there evidence of chemical or other spills around the site?

  • Are there any leaking taps (fuel, water, etc.), plant or equipment on site?

  • Are recycling and waste options available and are they being appropriately used?

  • Is there any native vegetation, culturally significant sites that have been recently disturbed or impacted?

  • If so, were the necessary permits and requirements adhered to and has the Environment Team been involved in this process?

  • Are storage areas secure to prevent unauthorised access or vandalism?

  • Have there been any security issues in the past?

  • Are there any noxious weeds within the site area (e.g. Blackberries, Scotch Thistle, Ragwort)?

Monitoring, Extraction and Discharge Points

  • Is there evidence of erosion on site, i.e. at the discharge point, extraction point or weir?

  • Is the extraction point or discharge point clearly labelled?

  • Are all sampling points for water, soil or air monitoring clearly marked and accessible?

  • Does the sampling point require any maintenance or modification?

  • Is there any evidence of oil, scum, litter or other objectionable matter in the surface water at the discharge point or on land within the property boundary?

  • Are there other areas on site that have not been visited?

  • If yes above, why?

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