Title Page

  • Document No.

Electrical Inspection Report

  • Date and Time

Part 1 - Information

  • Facility and Room Number
  • Owner (name and badge number)

  • Center / Office Name

  • Equipment Name and Description of Function

  • Manufacturer

  • Model Number

  • Serial Number

  • Equipment Status

  • Listing Status

  • Operating Environment

Part 2 - External Inspection

  • Enclosure

  • Operator not exposed to any hazard:

  • Not damaged:

  • Appropriate material:

  • Protects contents from operating environment:

  • Will contain any arcs, sparks, electrical explosions:

  • Power Source - Cord and Plug

  • Proper voltage, frequency, phasing, and ampacity rating for the plug and cord:

  • Select voltage:

  • Not frayed or damaged:

  • Proper wiring of plug:

  • Installation according to NEC:

  • Connected to facility power with appropriate adaptors (e.g. foreign power supplies):

  • Proper loading and over current protection and/or equipment branch circuit:

  • Power Source - Direct Wired into Facility

  • Proper voltage, frequency, phasing, and ampacity rating for the plug and cord:

  • Select voltage:

  • Installation according to NEC:

  • Proper loading and over current protection and/or equipment branch circuit:

  • Grounding:

  • All non-current carrying exposed metal is properly bonded and grounded (ground continuity test: less than 1 ohm to ground pin/conductor):

  • Ground conductor included if required:

  • Marking and Documentation:

  • Hazards marked, including stored energy:

  • Power requirements marked (voltage, current, frequency):

Part 3 - Internal Inspection

  • Internal Wiring:

  • Polarity correct:

  • Phasing correct:

  • Landing of ground correct:

  • All non-current carrying internal subsystems are properly bonded:

  • Wiring terminal and leads okay:

  • Wire sizes adequate:

  • Proper dielectric:

  • Listed conductors, if applicable:

  • Other Internal Issues:

  • Neat workmanship:

  • Listed components used:

  • Proper management of conductors:

  • Free of sharp edges:

  • Adequate cooling:

  • No debris:

  • Automatic discharge of high voltage capacitors:

Part 4 - Other Considirations

  • Secondary Hazards: created by this equipment

  • rf hazards:

  • Sub rf hazards:

  • DC electric or magnetic fields:

  • IR, visible, or UV:

  • X-rays:

  • Fire, electrical explosion:

  • Are workers protected from these hazards:

  • Test of Internal Components:

  • Any evidence of failed components:

  • After testing of components, did any parts fail or show evidence of failure:

Approval Section

  • NOTE: Approved equipment will be installed and used in accordance with the instructions provided by the designer/builder and ESO.

  • Attachments

  • Sketch

  • Pictures

  • Result

  • Notice of Non-Compliance Issues

  • Issues


  • This equipment has been inspected and the condition at the time of inspection is noted in this report.

  • Approved

  • Rejected

  • Inspector

  • This inspection has been performed in accordance with the National Electrical Code , NFPA 70E, and the NREL LLP for Electrical Safety. The inspection was for a function test and only verified that the equipment has no defects and is working per its design.

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
    15013 Denver West Parkway - Golden, CO 80401

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