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Sovereign / Installer (delete as necessary) If yes, please advise were the keys have been left

INSTALLATION: l, the undersigned and authorised signatory, have checked the workmanship and quality of the installation. I can also confirm that we are aware that the equipment/surfacing must be left for 48 hours before use. I can confirm all left over materials/waste have been left in a location I have confirmed, we understand this may take up to 7 working days to collect. Also any plant/machinery/skips again will take up to 7 days to collect. IMPORTANT: Our installers are there to finish the job to your satisfaction, if you are not happy with anything, please inform the installers before they leave site.
We have engaged CCC Finance of Middleborough House, 16 Middleborough, Colchester, Essex COI IQT, to perform our credit control and collection services. This in no way affects our relationship with you other than as detailed below.
Please ensure all payments are made to CCC finance, full payment details will be on your invoice when you receive this. Signing this document will confirm your verification of works completed.

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