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Contributing Factors: Task / Procedural

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Personnel were trained to conduct the work?

Work Activity Briefing (WAB) was conducted noting all hazards?

The task remained unchanged from original job?

Were change management principals used?

Contributing Factors: Equipment / Substance

All equipment was in good working order?

Was the equipment used as designed?

Equipment is regularly serviced?

Were pre-start checks conducted and correct?

Personnel were appropriately trained to operate equipment?

SDS are available on site?

All labels and signs in place and easy to read?

Appropriate PPE is available?

PPE was worn correctly?

Contributing Factors: Environment / Behaviour

Weather conditions were not a factor of the incident?

Area was clean and tidy, poor housekeeper was not a factor?

Was it too hot or too cold?

Was it noisy?

Was lighting adequate?

Was fatigue evident?

Was alcohol or another impairment evident?

Was the task being rushed?

Were workers complacent?

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