1 - Hospital Management

III - Be able to perform, direct and guide IAW the applicable clinical processes in order to ensure medical support at the highest possible standard of medical care at all times

III.1.1 - Be aware of the assigned tasks, responsibilities and restrictions within the functional area

III.1.2 - Be aware of and be able to apply the Medical Rules of Eligibility

III.1.3 - Guide effective functioning of medical modules, systems and processes within the hospital

III.1.4 - Be able to control the medical, logistical and personnel related processes within the hospital

III.1.5 - Be able to advise on the manning of the medical and supporting elements within the hospital to ensure medical support IAW the assigned tasks

III.1.6 - Be able to disseminate all necessary information to the parties involved

III.1.7 - Be aware of the procedures and matching report formats to request medical care

III.1.8 - Be able to prepare, plan and execute MASCAL situations

III.1.9 - Be able to coordinate and manage ground medevac assets in case of patient transfers, medevac ops, region coverage and base incidents

III.1.10 - Have evacuation plans visible in hardcopy

III.1.11 - Be aware of and able to conduct the KIA procedure

III.1.12 - Be aware and able of the current procedure and means in case of fire

III.1.13 - Have suitable working schedules in accordance with the assignments

III.1.14 - Be able to conduct a full scale evacuation

III.1.15 - Be aware of the emergency response plan

III.1.16 - Personnel uses personal protection gear IAW regulations

III.1.17 - Be aware of and be able to report IAW prescribed regulations and SOP's

III.1.18 - Be aware of national caveats which may effect hospital management

III.1.19 - Have knowledge of the available communication and information systems

III.1.20 - Control the effective functioning of applicable modules, systems and processes

III.1.21 - Be able to use the available communication means

III.1.22 - Ensure a correctly wired hospital incl labels

2 - Patient regulation and administration

III.2.1 - Have knowledge of the available communication and patient registration means

III.2.2 - Ensure the use of the communication and patient registrations means IAW applicable regulations

III.2.3 - Be able to receive and transmit patient information timely and effectively IAW effective regulations

III.2.4 - Ensure the update of all information according to the executed patient transfer

III.2.5 - Ensure Tracking and Tracing of patients

III.2.6 - Be able to update and verify patient information when possible

III.2.7 - Be able to respond timely to patient movement requests (in any form) IAW PECC procedures

III.2.8 - Ensure the regular update and visualisation of bed status, PMR's and patient T&T

3 - Medical Logistics - Supervise stock levels in transport assets and manage store

III.3.1 - Control stock of drugs

III.3.2 - Control oxygen stock and other medical material

III.3.3 - Manage stores

III.3.4 - Manage clinical waste

4 - Medical Logistics - Drugs, Medcal Supply and Good Distribution Practise

III.4.1 - Be able to deploy the capacity to provide sufficient medical supply tailored to the number and type of MTF’s to be supported

III.4.2 - Be able to advise the commanders of the supported units and medical modules in the domains of pharmacy and medical (re)supply

III.4.3 - Be able to manage the stock and the distribution of medical material. Be able to verify calibration and repair or replace malfunctioning equipment

III.4.4 - Be able to ensure the quantitative and qualitative reception and distribution of blood and blood products. (if applicable)

III.4.5 - Be able to ensure the re-supply of medical gases

III.4.6 - Be able to advice on the handling of medical waste

III.4.7 - Be able to respond to MASCAL

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.