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  • Confirm the name of the member of staff

  • Confirm the job title/role of the member of staff

  • How long has the member of staff worked at CCNW

  • Has the member of staff completed the Leavers questionnaire

  • This Exit Interview is your opportunity to discuss or raise any feedback that you would like, is there anything that you would like to start with?

  • Decision to leave Suggested Questions When did you start looking for a new job / when did you decide you wanted to leave CCNW? Was there anything that influenced this decision to leave? Could this have been avoided? (If yes, how?)

  • Team Suggested Questions What did you value the most about working in this team? Thinking about a time when the team was functioning at its best, what did that look like? What behaviours/support/practices were in place to enable this? What should we focus on to enable us to be more successful?

  • Development Suggested Questions What education and/or training experiences positively impacted how you delivered this role? What key learning would you pass on to a member of staff taking over this role? Have you accomplished what you had hoped to in your role?If no, what would you have liked to have accomplished, and what could have been done to have enabled you to accomplish this?

  • Management Suggested Questions Thinking about a time when you felt that you were being managed well and felt supported at work? What was happening/ being done/being said? What experiences or interactions could have been improved? What should management do more, or less of, to enable the department to be the best place to work?

  • Wellbeing and Fairness Suggested Questions What do you think has had the biggest impact on your wellbeing at work? If you could make any changes to support wellbeing at the Trust, what would it be? Looking forward, what three things should the Trust do more of to create a fair work environment for everyone? What would it take to create this change?

  • Culture Suggested Question What does it feel like to work at CCNW?

  • Organisational Suggested Questions What made you proud to work at CCNW? If you could make three improvements to make CCNW the best place to work, what would they be?

  • Is there anything else that you would like to add?

  • Would you consider returning to work at UHB in the future?

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