• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Delegated person on site responsible for H&S?

  • H&S policies and procedures accessible and known by staff?

  • H&S policy up to date and displayed?

  • Insurance certification on display and up to date?

  • Health & Safety Law poster on display and complete?

  • Risk Assessments available and known by staff?

  • Accidents / Incidents / Hazards reported ?

  • All staff have undertaken an induction/ refresher training for H&S awareness

  • Permits available and current ( hot work, confined space etc )

  • Emergency evacuation procedure tested and recorded ?


  • Even surfaces, no slip, trip fall hazards as applicable ?

  • Suitable guarding where required ?

  • Floor area obstruction free ?

  • Coverings in good condition?

  • No tripping hazards ?

  • Are work surfaces, walls and floors kept tidy and regularly cleaned?


  • Adequately lit

  • Marked with appropriate lines

  • Clear of cases, materials, rubbish & temporary storage?

  • Clear of electrical cords?


  • No worn or broken treads

  • Handrails present and in good repair?

  • Landings clear of obstructions ?


  • Bins located at suitable points ?

  • Bins emptied regularly?

  • Trade waste identified and collected by Licensed Contractors?


  • Adequate and appropriate for the task?

  • Exit lights - Operating as applicable ?

  • Electrical equipment portable appliance tested?

  • RCD's used, tested and recorded?

  • Fixed wiring inspections conducted?

  • Fluorescent lamps ( flicking or failure to light ) ?

  • Is there a procedure for reporting faulty equipment and for taking it out of use until repaired or replaced?

  • Is access to live high voltage equipment restricted to authorised people only?


  • Elevated work areas guarded ?

  • Below ground hazards guarded ?

  • Ladders tagged and inspected?


  • Traffic control measure in place ?


  • Materials stored in racks are tidy and safe?

  • Floors and surrounds are clear of debris and obstructions ?


  • Plant and equipment is clean, free from deposits and clear of obstructions and combustibles, guards and shields are in position and are sound?

  • Risk assessments available ?

  • Asset register available and up to date?

  • Pre-use checklists current and available ?

  • Noise levels acceptable ?

  • Maintenance records ( scheduled and up to date )

  • Lift inspections completed every 6 months?

  • LEV tests undertaken every 14 months?


  • All hazardous substances identified ?

  • Storage cabinet in place and adequate ?

  • SDS sheets available for all chemicals ?

  • COSHH assessments completed for all chemicals?

  • All chemicals recorded in a hazardous substances register ?

  • PPE available, well maintained and being used ?

  • Signage and fire equipment current and serviced ?

  • Chemical decanted labelled correctly and legible ?


  • In place ?

  • Regularly serviced ?

  • Clearly marked for the type of fire ?

  • Unconstructed ?


  • Fire Panels checked and maintained

  • Any defects or issues have been investigated and recorded correctly

  • All Fire doors checked for damage <br>and locking / unlocking correctly<br>

  • Weekly fire alarm tests undertaken and recorded?

  • Evacuation drills undertaken and recorded?

  • Sprinklers tested and recorded?

  • PEEPs in place if required

  • Assembly point identified and known

  • Trained fire staff available?

  • If smoking is allowed somewhere on site or just outside, is there provision for disposing of cigarettes and matches separately from other rubbish?

  • Are smoke detectors checked and tested


  • Are gas appliances regularly checked and serviced by qualified people?

  • Do staff know what to do if there is a gas leak?


  • Adequate direction notices for fire exits ?

  • Responsible people nominated ?

  • Exit lights and emergency lights working ?

  • Emergency spill containment materials available ?


  • Cabinets & contents clean and orderly ?

  • Contents as per code ?

  • Contents listed on cabinet door ?

  • Clear sign posting to cabinet?

  • Emergency numbers displayed ?

  • First aid officer appointed & trained ?<br><br><br><br>


  • Is mechanical equipment used whenever possible, have staff been <br>trained in its use and is there enough space to use it?

  • Where mechanical assistance is not possible, are staff trained in safe lifting techniques, and is there enough space to use them

  • Have all staff who are at risk from lifting or moving been trained in manual handling?

  • Are heavy items stored at a convenient or adjustable height to suit the user?


  • Written scheme of examination in place?

  • Water temperature checks conducted?

  • Water flushing conducted and recorded?

  • Water systems checked for any damage, leaks or foreign substances?


  • All security doors checked

  • CCTV Systems checked

  • Security systems work correctly in conjunction with fire doors

  • All logbooks and access control points <br>working correctly<br>

  • Any entry points checked for damage or repairs


  • Are there enough toilets, and are they clean, and in good repair?

  • Are washing facilities (hot water, soap and towels) provided?

  • Are sanitary disposal facilities provided in women’s toilets?

  • Are lockers (or something similar) provided for staff?

  • Is there a rest room or somewhere else that staff can rest undisturbed,<br>and is it clean, properly lit and ventilated?

  • Are there suitable facilities for pregnant and nursing mothers to rest?

  • Are there facilities for workers to eat meals?

  • Are fumes, steam and stale air removed?

  • Is there a supply of fresh air without draughts?

  • Are special precautions taken when working in confined spaces?


  • Is training provided about the use of equipment, methods of work and <br>how to avoid repetitive strain injury (RSI)?

  • Have all users completed a DSE assessment?


  • Has a risk assessment been conducted and suitable control measures put in place?

  • Do staff know what to do to manage violence and aggression?

  • Are lone working procedures in place?


  • Check all walls and surfaces are free <br>from damage

  • Investigate any discolouring or <br>possible leaks / access points

  • Check exterior doors for swelling and <br>that paint work is in good condition

  • Check exterior doors for swelling and <br>that paint work is in good condition

  • Visually check any attached <br>equipment, eg. fire escapes

  • Check any shutter door systems are <br>working correctly and are falling level

  • Visually check any manhole covers <br>and fire points<br>

  • Check any external security systems <br>have clear line of sight


  • Clear debris from roof drains and guttering

  • Roof to wall connections and roof <br>flashing for tears and wrinkles

  • Inspect the perimeter to check old and new damage to metal and copings

  • Check splits in the stripping plies, if <br>the roof is made from bitumen

  • For metal roofs, protect against <br>corrosion and check for damage

  • Any evidence of leaks?


  • Have all areas containing asbestos been identified, marked<br>and an up-to-date record kept?

  • Is all the asbestos in good condition/sealed in and monitored?

  • Has the risk of exposure to asbestos dust and fibres been assessed <br>and an up-to-date written record kept?

  • Are there arrangements in place to inform contractors about<br>asbestos within the building?

  • Is there a plan for specialist removal of asbestos where there <br>is a risk of exposure?


  • Are there any facilities/Maintenance issues?

  • Provide details

The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture's solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. You should seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of a template is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction. You should independently determine whether the template is suitable for your circumstances.