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Facility Overview- Review of Previous Inspection

  • Identified issues still effective and not recurring

Exterior review

  • Entrance/Surrounding area clean free of debris

  • Windows clean and free of spots

  • Windows tint not discolored or peeling

  • Entrance carpet intact, no discoloration

  • Flags are not fringed,damaged or weathered

  • Surrounding landscaping maintained

  • Sidewalks require cleaning

Interior Review

  • Lobby organized no unwanted advertising

  • Front desk area organized and free of clutter

  • No miscellaneous papers taped to the walls

  • Televisions functioning properly

  • Is the TV free of static

  • Is the required pricing visible

  • Is the volume functioning properly

  • Is there a picture visible

  • Lobby refrigerator functioning properly

  • Is the door closing properly

  • Is the refrigerator cooling

  • Carpet and Flooring free of stains

  • Does the carpet need to be professionally cleaned

  • Are there specific carpet tiles needing replaced

  • Are there specific laminate tiles needing replaced

  • Furniture in office does not require repair

  • Medical- beds, stools, carts

  • Other - lobby tables, chairs, patient room chairs

  • Air Conditioning vents and ducts free of dust

  • Ceiling tiles in intact,free of damage in place

  • Staff lounge clean and sanitary

  • Are there boxes stacked on cabinets

  • Are there items that obstruct exits

  • Is the refrigerator clean and running properly

  • Garbage accumulating needing to be taken out

  • Restrooms Clean and sanitary

  • Dispensers stocked with paper and soap

  • Baseboards free and clear of dust

  • Toilet bowl and seat disinfected inside/outside

  • Light fittings dusted and wiped inside and out

  • Cleaning products not stored in restroom

  • Plungers/cleaning brushes not stored in restroom

  • Trash cans wiped cleaned; no visible marks or damage

Emergency Preparedness

Evacuation Plan

  • Disaster paperwork printed, organized; employees aware of placement

  • Walkways free of obstruction

  • Exits signs illuminated and free of damage

  • All Employees knowledgeable of meeting location during an emergency

Fire Prevention

  • Are all staff members aware of fire extinguisher location

  • Are all fire extinguishers easily accessible free from obstruction

  • Are fire extinguishers current with date of recent inspection

  • Are fire extinguishers free of damage,corrosion, no leaky nozzles

  • Are there any objects obstructing fire sprinklers


  • Cameras in good working condition

  • Authorized Personnel entry secure and key cards working properly

  • Doors and locks in good working order

  • Employees wearing company issued name badge

  • Employees verifying visitors prior to allowing access into the building


  • Automated Reports Completed

  • Petty Cash & Door locking log completed nightly, if no please notate dates missed

  • Deposit/Balance Sheets completed

  • Address Verification log completed

  • Review of print screens

  • Pamphlets Displayed

  • Patient Portal

  • Ultrasound Pamphlets

  • Rack Cards


  • MD Now required signage posted

  • UCAOA/NUCCA Certification

  • Non Discrimination Notice

  • Patient Rights & Responsibilities Notices

  • Notice of Privacy Practices

  • Mission Statement

Lounge Signage

  • Workers compensation Posted

  • Information current not expired

  • How to report an injury listed

  • Minimum Wage posted

  • Drug free workplace signage posted



  • Weekly Checklist

  • Med Flats UTD

  • Expired medication removed

  • Supplies properly stored

  • BAT Calibration

  • HIPAA EMR logs current

  • Biohazard Manual

  • ER transfers and PT, US, Ortho Referrals

  • Medication Administration log

  • Employee Files UTD

  • ECW Inventory UTD

  • Inventory UTD

  • No expired Meds

  • RX pedigree UTD

  • Safety Data sheets staff aware of location in internal web

Clinical License/Signage

  • Radon Safety Program for Radiation

  • X-ray Notices

  • X-Ray Manual

  • X-ray registration posted

  • Escreen/Alere Sign in ( account information)

  • CLIA license (Lab)

  • License current not expired

  • If expired notate date of expiration

  • Bio medical waste license current

  • License posted in area visible to patients

  • Copy of license posted in biohazard binder

  • Generic Rx notice posted

  • Doctor/PA/ARNP medical license listed

  • Are the licenses listed of current employees

  • License posted current not expired

  • If expired notate date of expiration

  • Medical Director certificate posted

  • AHCA displayed

Lead MA Logs

  • Lead MA log book signed

  • Lab Log completed

  • Abnormal lab log

  • DAily MA Assigned Duties Visible

  • Control Log

Clincial Equipment

  • EKG Machine working properly

  • Leads on machine clean

  • Cart organized and clean

  • Supplies needed for machine stocked and UTD

  • Ear Lavage working properly

  • Nozzle clean free of debris

  • Hose clean free of mildew

  • Surgical Lights working properly

  • AED working properly

  • 02 Tank free of corrosion

  • All equipment current with calibrations

  • List which equipment requires calibration

  • Date of expired equipment


Medication Room

  • Refrigerator maintaining temperature

  • Medication guide posted

  • Cabinets clean and stocked

  • BUD guide

  • Counter free of clutter

  • Dispense medication stocked,organized, no expired medication

  • Medication not currently stocked or missing

  • If medication expired please list medication/expiration date

Exam Rooms/Procedure Room 1

  • Are exams fully stocked

  • if there are any missing items, please notate

  • Are the cabinets and drawers clean


  • Properly stocked

  • Cabinets and drawers organized

Triage Rooms

  • Triage Flow chart framed and posted

  • Desk cleaned and organized no clutter


  • Counter decluttered and organized

  • Autoclave clean and working properly ,no present of rust

Procedure Room 2

  • Room properly stocked

  • OCL supplies organized

  • O2 supplies stocked and ready for use

  • Crash Cart stocked and organized

  • Inventory sheet UTD

  • No expired inventory

  • If inventory expired notate what is expired and quantity

  • Health lnk reviewed weekly

  • If non compliant, list last reviewed

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