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  • FDT Observation Worksheet Ft Detrick, MD

  • FD Thomas, Inc

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Location: (Select only one)

  • NMR Pit

  • BSL4

  • Lay-down Yard

Use The Following Choices For The Observation

  • EE = Exceeds Expectations. ME = Meets Expectations. NI = Needs Improvement.

Human Performance Tools

  • Plan of the Day or Job Safety Analysis or Pre/Post Job Brief

  • Verification (Self or Peer Check)

  • Crew discussion of the scope of the work for the day)

  • Procedure Use and Adherence

Hazard Recognition

  • Line of Fire

  • Barrier Tape or Rope / Correct Signage

  • Hard Barricades

  • Compressed Gas or Bottles (either flammable or non-flammable)

  • Electrical Cord(s) / Inspected / Good Condition

  • Air Hoses / Connections / Whip-checks / Pins

  • Tools (good condition / inspected before use)

  • Ventilation

  • Vehicle usage procedures (aerial lift / forklift or lull)

Housekeeping and Material Conditions

  • General Housekeeping (cleanliness)

  • Combustibles (properly stored / secured, labeled)

  • Work Area (cleanliness, orderly, hazmat controlled)

Personnel Protective Equipment

  • Head

  • Hearing

  • Eyes / Face

  • Foot

  • Hand

  • Body (Coveralls, etc.)

  • Respirator(s)

Fall Protection

  • Use of Fall Protection

  • Ladder Use

  • Scaffold Use (mobile or permanent)

  • Dropped Object Control

Lifting and Rigging / Mechanical Material Handling

  • Operator

  • Signal Person

  • Use of Spotter

  • Lift Area

  • Load Control

  • Softners

  • Cribbing

Manual Material Handling

  • Lifting and Carrying

  • Using assistance as needed

  • Using mechanical assistance (hand-truck, dolly, etc..)

  • Lay-down yard (clean, uncluttered, easy access)

You must answer both of these questions

  • Feedback Given to Crew or Individual

  • Debriefed Supervision

Number and Comments: (NI - Requires a comment)

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