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  • Club:

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

First Impression


  • Smiling

  • Uniform standards

  • Name badge

  • Facing the entrance

  • Engaging

  • Standing

Reception Desk

  • What are your first impressions of the reception desk

  • Guest register is operational

Presentation area

  • Is it clean and free of flyers, paperwork? ONLY FF magazine

  • Reception is responsible for the prospect and ensures they feel comfortable until they are introduced to a salesperson

Overall Rating

  • First Impression


  • undefined

Monthly Planning

4 Point Plan

  • Salesperson Goal Setting

  • Club Daily Strat

  • Staffing/Roster

  • Lead Generation Strategy

Overall Rating

  • Monthly Planning


  • undefined

Call Centre

  • White Board Operational

  • Strat Board

  • Call Centre Clean and Tidy

  • Sales Scripts

  • Salesperson Pin Boards

Overall Rating

  • Call Centre


  • undefined

Guest Journey

  • Digital Guest Pass Download

  • Phone Experience - Phone Conversation Assesment

  • Guest Experience - Selling Cycle Assesment


  • undefined

Team Meet


  • Notes made

  • Salesperson Report reviewed

  • Team meeting agenda used

  • Board Updated


  • Yesterdays Performance

  • Good/Bad and Why?

  • What was the lesson for the day?

  • Yesterday's Superstar


  • Joiners vs Budget %

  • (+/-)

  • Vs Strat

  • Joiners needed per day


  • Today's Goal

  • Action Plan

  • Around the room

  • Todays Focuses

  • Recap

  • Close - Mom

Soft Skills

  • Meeting started on time

  • The tone of the meeting was achieved

  • Motivate, Inspire and Engage

  • CM/SM did not over talk

Overall Rating

  • Team Meet


  • undefined

10 Min Meet


  • Notes made

  • Salesperson Report reviewed

  • 10 min meeting agenda used

  • Bps confirmed

  • Sales Success Diary Updated


  • Meet and Greet

  • Tone of meeting achieved

  • Activity vs Target

  • Focuses Achieved Yesterday

  • Yesterdays Leads Generated

  • Yesterday's Presentation


  • Joiners vs Goal

  • Goal % vs Month %

  • Joiners per day


  • Today's Plan through ratios

  • GymSales: Who are they calling?

  • GymSales: Who are they presenting to?

  • GymSales: New Business Generation?

  • Todays Focuses

  • Motivation: Moment of magic

Soft Skills

  • Situational Leadership

  • 80/20 rule

  • Focus on Salesperson personal goals

Overall Rating

  • 10 Min Meet


  • undefined

Appointment Drive

  • Whiteboard was used

  • MC’s prepared with Hotlist

  • Role play / warm up

  • Clear start / finish time

  • Individual & Team Goals clear

  • Walk Floor/Feedback

  • Fun factor (Noise/Energy & Pace being Injected)

Overall Rating

  • Appointment Drive


  • undefined

Team Training


  • Appropriate training topic

  • Notes prepared

  • SM/CM is proficient at scripts


  • Reason for training explained

  • Clear objective

  • What's in it for the salesperson?

  • SM/CM demonstration (monkey see/monkey do)

  • 70% Role Play

Soft Skills

  • Clear

  • Fun factor

  • Immediate feedback

Overall Rating

  • Team Training


  • undefined


  • Active Database x 2

  • Todays Calls

  • Overdue Calls

  • Overdue Appointments

  • Service Calls

  • Unassigned leads

  • Leads older then 3 months

  • Leads never contacted older the 3 days

  • Needs on proactive leads

Overall Rating

  • GymSales


  • undefined

Club Action Plan


  • Focus 1)


  • Focus 2)


  • Focus 3)

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