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  • ENG 1 S/N:

  • ENG 2 S/N:

AIRCRAFT GENERAL INFORMATION Verify amount of documents given.

  • FIAA document completely filled up.

  • Maintenance services during the last year (A and C Checks).

  • Aircraft AD’s (Terminating and Repetitive).

  • Engine AD’s (Terminating and Repetitive) and LLP control.

  • Hard Time Control.

  • Mayor repairs and Alterations Status (Mapping).

  • STC’s Status.

  • Last Weight and Balance Document.

  • Copy of the Certification of Registration.

  • Copy of the Certificate of Airworthiness.

  • Copy of the Insurance Certificate if it has been changed during the last year.

MAINTENANCE CHECK STATUS Request and verify the maintenance checks (A checks and C checks from last year

  • Summary of the maintenance checks
    TSN and CSN of the check
    Date of last accomplishment

  • Verification of the work packages (Signatures, N/A justification, times, etc.)

  • Accomplishment of the maintenance checks according the MPM.

  • Deferral control

AD STATUS AND RECORDS Request the Historical AD’s status, Repetitive AD’s Status, CPCP Status and SSID Status.

  • All AD’s generally applicable to the aircraft, shall be showing for each AD;
    Method of compliance
    Last done
    Next due (TSN, CSN, date).
    If not applicable, then must show the reason of non applicability.

  • Compare supplied AD status with the last AD list provided by Regulatory Authority.

  • The record shall have DFP of the accomplishment, copy of the AD and copy of the SB. If AD is not applicable; Copy of AD and the reason of the non applicability.

ENGINES STATUS AND RECORDS Request and verify the Engines Data Sheet and AD’s Status

  • FAA 8130-3 or JAA Form 1 of engine from new or last maintenance.

  • FAA 337 form describing the maintenance activity.

  • LLP’s Status with TSN and CSN at time of each installation.

  • LLP’s records. FAA 8130-3, JAA Form 1 or Manufacturer Cert. (Back to birth).

  • AD’s Status (Terminating and Repetitive) of each engine.

  • Compare supplied AD list, with the last AD list provided by Regulatory Authority.

AIRCRAFT COMPONENTS CONTROL Request and verify the Hard Time Status according the MPM and the On Condition Components.

  • HT Status according to the task cards in the MPM.

  • FAA Form 8130-3, JAA Form or PMA Statement, which certifies the maintenance activity.

  • Landing Gears LLP’s traceability and Cycles of each LLP.

STRUCTURAL INSPECTION (MAPPING) Request Dents and Repairs of aircraft (Fuselage, wings, stabilizers, nose cowls and TR’s

  • Location of the repair (Station and Longeron)
    TSN and CSN of the repair
    Date of accomplishment

  • The record shall have the DFP of the repair performed.

  • Repairs not accomplished in accordance the SRM shall have a FAA Form 337 or JAA equivalent

  • Drawing of the repairs along the aircraft

MODIFICATION STATUS (STC’S) Request and verify the STC’s accomplished to the aircraft (List and Records)

  • Request and verify the STC’s accomplished to the aircraft (List and Records)

  • Modifications which are not 100% based on a SB issued by the manufactures must have an approval of the modification data (FAA Form 8110-3 or JAA equivalent).

AIRCRAFT WEIGHT AND BALANCE Verify the weight and balance report for:

  • Last accomplishment date i.a.w approved interval

  • Properly signed paper work and forms.

  • Compliance i.a.w. the applicable W & B manual.


  • Cargo compartment (floor, net and sidewall panels,

  • Emergency exit identification and non smoking, safety belt signals.

  • Itms deferrals i.a.w. MGM procedures

  • MEL manual up dated and aprroved by autorities

  • Emergency equipment:

    Oxigen bottles and extintors
    Life vest,
    Medical Kit,
    Emergency Light
    Signal gun

  • Add signature

  • Checklist based in the FIAACHECK LIST from AQD - Last Amended 29-Ago-2012

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