Title Page

  • Document No.

  • PDM Relocation/Closure Sign Off Sheet

  • Store Name and Store Number

  • Date report created

  • Sent by:

  • Date of closure

  • Insert a photo of the closure poster

  • Insert photo of the sales floor before destocking commences

  • Insert a photo of the stock room before destocking commences

  • Insert photos of during the destocking process

  • Insert a photo of the stock once loaded on CDC van

  • Insert photo of empty sales floor

  • Insert photos of empty stock room

  • Insert photo of every other room to show that they are empty

  • Has a member of the store team informed you where to send the inter branched stock to ?

  • Has the store person checked the screen each morning to make sure the inter store transfer have transmitted ?

  • Has all rubbish bags been placed ready for contractors to remove ?

  • Has the archiving been collected ?

  • Has the doop been collected ?<br>Note: if not it will need to go wth the dispensary stock

  • Has the waste bin been collected ?

  • Has the feminine hygiene bin been collected ?<br>

  • Has the weighing machine been collected ?

  • Please confirm if all areas of the store has been cleared of all stock and rubbish including stock rooms/basements and attics

  • Once cash cut off has been preformed please take a photo of the cash screen and also the cash cut off form ( before the paperwork gets posted to the cash accounting team)

  • Has the Area Manager /Store Manager walked you through the whole building to make sure it is fully cleared out ?

  • Please list any assets that have been transferred to another store ( please include receiving stores store number)

  • Please insert photo of final electrical meter readings

  • Please submit Store Number and Store Contact of where all the store building keys have been left

  • Any other supporting photos

  • Any other supporting information

  • PDM signature

  • Area Manager or Store Representatives signature

  • Once completed please send to

    Project Manager
    Project Planner
    Team Leader ( Boots Property's)
    Area Manager

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