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  • Are there any outstanding IT hardware or software issues ? ( if yes please list )

  • Are there any shop fittings still outstanding? ( if yes please list )

  • Are there any display aids still outstanding ? ( if yes please list )

  • Are there any show material's still outstanding ? ( if yes please list )

  • Are there any items still outstanding from Bunzl ? ( if yes please list )

  • If opening on AYR layout as Christmas shelving/Tods been left in the store ? Please provide a photo of the location

  • Have the harness been fitted correctly to both types shopping trolley ?<br>Lap strap - record trolley quantity <br>5 point harness - record trolley quantity <br><br>Note: Items should be checked in line with daily diary and if need replacing order on my purchasing<br>Standard lap strap ref 60010597 £2.50 each<br>5 point harness lap strap ref 11993556 £14.80 each<br><br>

  • Have the store ordered hi-viz and warehouse gloves for handling deliveries ?<br>

  • Have Greencore left store delivery wheels and jackets for chilled food ?<br>

  • Please provide a photo to confirm Wee posters and barkers have been put out and displayed clearly on sales floor

  • Please provide photo to show that all current recalls have been put up on sales floor

  • Have the store deliveries been coming in as per delivery schedule ?<br>

  • Does the store have an Airlock and have they had any issues with it ?

  • Is the store completing full model day activities following the latest company guidance?<br>

  • What was the opening OSA % ?

  • Are there any issues with stock levels across the store ?

  • Has the Dispensary set up to company standards and fully operational ?<br>Note: ETP monthly allowance form as been sent to NHS local area team (LAT) securing payment for service - template located in launch folder - confirm with Dispensary team<br>

  • Has the store completed the store appointment booking proforma and emailed to digital Operations team advising them of opening hours and all services they will be offering ?<br>

  • Has the CHOM room been set up correctly and is it operationally working ?<br>

  • Has all the building training been completed ? <br>Note: a copy of the signed Training matrix is to be filed in core filing<br>Please provide photographic evidence of signed document<br>

  • Are the staff confident with the operations of the new systems ?<br>E.g. Heating controls and locking up of the store

  • Do the store know where to locate there water stop tap and electrics meter ?<br>Please provide a photo of the location

  • What sales plan A/B was implemented on opening day ?

  • Has the store signed off the trading standards WGLL documentation ? <br>Please provide photographic evidence

  • How many of the following are there ? Window ladders - Hero frames - Photo hero frames - EAS pedestals -

  • Has the Operations Expert handed over all the passwords and sign on they created ? <br>

  • Has the Operation Expert set up core filing to company standards ?

  • Is daily cashing up been completed following company guidelines ?

  • Are daily EPOS reports been printed, actioned <br>and filed ?

  • Has the store got their photo dockets/wallets and battery recycling bucket ?<br>

  • Has the store received their daily diary ? <br>Note: should be in phase 1 stock delivery<br><br>

  • Has the lock your shop file been completed ?<br>

  • Has the telephone training been completed ? <br>

  • Has the lift certificate been received ?<br>

  • Has the escalator certificate been received ?<br>

  • Have the contractors left the O&M manuals ?

  • Has the store received their shrink poster ?<br>

  • Has the store received their HSE poster ? <br>Note: comes via Bunzl<br>

  • Is the Evac chair and is the intercom system in place and has the training material left with store ?<br>

  • Has the store set up their emergency bag ?

  • Are the bins been emptied on agreed days ?<br>

  • Is the cleaning taking place as planned and to the required standard ?<br>

  • Has the store received their Food Log book and have all the staff been fully trained on the Elearning module ?<br>Note: all staff handling food must be fully trained before doing so <br>

  • Has the store received their red store emergency file ?<br>

  • Note: CN19 report will show interbranch items from store 7 ( NSO warehouse) this report will also show own brand tester claims

  • Note: pest control is Canon for north and Rent o kill for south. They will usually visit in first 2 weeks of opening

  • Note: contractors safety information file will be created and delivered to store after the fire risk assessment as been completed usually 4-6 weeks after opening

  • Any further information

  • Enclose any other supporting photos

  • Sign by PDM

  • Sign by Store Representative

  • Once completed please send to the following

    Project Manager
    Project Planner
    Team Leader ( Boots Properties)
    Area Manager
    Store Manager
    Darren Wintle

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