West Pavilion - Basement

Inside Zone #20---ABC

Corridor South of Pharmacy---ABC

Central Stores Mail Cage---ABC

Central Stores---ABC


Outside SPD Main Door---ABC

West Receiving Dock---ABC

Machine Room in West Dock---ABC

Corridor East of Morgue---ABC

Trash Room---ABC

SPD Processing Clean Side (must be gowned)---ABC

SPD Processing (must be gowned)---ABC

SPD Decontamination Hallway---Halon

SPD Decontamination---ABC

West Boiler Room by Office---ABC

West Boiler Room Tanks Next to Office--Intergen

West Boiler Room by Generator (downstairs)---ABC

West Boiler Room by Generator (downstairs)---ABC

West Boiler Room Fire Pump Room---ABC

West Boiler Room Next to Zone #5---ABC

Outside Data Processing---ABC

Telephone Room Corridor Next to Electrical Panel Room---ABC

Inside Telephone Room Next to Door---Intergen

Data Processing on West Wall of Server Room(must sign in)---Halon

Mechanical Room by Zone #9---ABC

Human Resources West End---ABC

Human Resources East End---ABC

Corridor Across From Human Resources---ABC

Mechanical Room By Human Resources Back Door---ABC

Specialties Clinic Back Door---ABC

Specialties Clinic Back Wall---ABC

Specialties Clinic inside Front Door---ABC

Next to Zone #9---ABC

Inside Hyperbaric Room---ABC

West Pavilion--1st Floor

Birthing Center Near Delivery Room---ABC

Birthing Center Near Nurses Station---ABC

In Delivery Room (must be gowned)---C02

In Operating Room (must be gowned)---C02

Across from Triage Security Desk---ABC

Emergency Room Trauma 2---Water

Emergency Room Nurses Station---ABC

Emergency Room Nurses Station Near Bed #10---ABC

Emergency Room Near Bed #11---ABC

Emergency Room Bed #6---C02

MRI Electrical Room---Halon

Mammo/Ultrasound Main Desk---ABC

Hallway Across from EMS Office---ABC

Radiology Near CAT Scan---ABC

Radiology Near CAT Scan---ABC

Radiology Waiting Room Corridor---ABC

Radiology Corridor Across from Men's Waiting---ABC

Radiology West Rear Entrance---ABC

Radiology East Rear Entrance Around Corner---ABC

Radiology East Rear Entrance---ABC

South Stairway by Surgery---ABC

Surgery West Corridor (must be gowned)---Water

Surgery Southeast Corridor (must be gowned)---Water

Surgery East Corridor (must be gowned)---Water

Operating Room #1---C02

Operating Room #2---C02

Operating Room #3---C02

Operating Room #4---C02

Operating Room #5---C02

Operating Room #6---C02

Operating Room #7---C02

Operating Room #8---C02

Operating Room #9---C02

Outpatient Surgery Door by Waiting Room---ABC

Outpatient Surgery Registration---ABC

East of Staff Elevators---ABC

Gift Shop---ABC

West of Staff Elevators---ABC

Social Services Area---ABC

Corridor West of Surgery Waiting Room---ABC

Corridor East of Surgery Waiting Room---ABC

Corridor East of Administration---ABC

Cardio-Pulmonary/Respiratory Front Door---ABC

Cardio-Pulmonary/Respiratory Back Door---ABC

Next to ATM by Gift Shop---ABC

Nuclear Medicine Back Door---ABC

SICU Hallway by Waiting Room---ABC

SICU Nurses Station---ABC

New MRI Waiting Room---ABC

West Pavilion--2nd Floor

West of Staff Elevators---ABC

Interstice Upstairs at Door---ABC

Interstice on Beam Downstairs---ABC

Interstice Upstairs at Door---ABC

Interstice Upstairs at Window---ABC

East of Staff Elevators---ABC

Bio-Med Office---ABC

Machine Room---ABC

2-West Waiting Room East End---ABC

2-West Near Lounge---ABC

2-West Entrance---ABC

2-west South Corridor---ABC

2-West North Corridor East End---ABC

2-West East End Near Nurses Station---ABC

West Pavilion-3rd Floor

West Entrance to MICU---ABC

MICU Nurses Station North---ABC

MICU Nurses Station South---ABC

East Entrance to MICU---ABC

Maintenance Storeroom/Office---ABC

Across from Storeroom /Office---ABC

Machine Room---ABC

3-West Med I Waiting Room---Abc

3-West Med I Entrance---ABC

3-West Med I Across from Nurses Station---ABC

3-West South Corridor---ABC

3-West II East Wall Rm.#324---ABC

3-West II North Corridor---ABC

3-West II Entrance---ABC

3-West Penthouse---ABC

Storage Area in Lot #3

Respiratory Therapy Tank Room---ABC

Groundskeeper Storage---ABC

Plant Operations Storage---Abc

John Deere Cab #420

Maintenance Truck---ABC

Security Vehicle---ABC

Ambulance Garage

Ambulance Quarters Kitchen---ABC

Groundskeeper Garage Inside Door---ABC

East Pavilion--Basement

Dietary Wash Area---BC

Dietary Kitchen by Office---K

Dietary Kitchen on East Wall---K

Dietary Kitchen East Wall Main Tank---ABC

Dietary Kitchen East Wall Pull Station---ABC

Dietary Kitchen West Wall---K

Dietary Pull Station by Grill---ABC

Dietary Dry Chem. System at Grill---Box

Dietary Serving Line Near Grill on Beam---K

Dietary Around Corner from Grill---ABC

Machine Room East of Dining Room---C02

Dietary Elevator Mechanical Room In Food Storage Area---ABC

Corridor Across from Canteen---ABC

East Pavilion--1st Floor

Old Physical Therapy Near Restroom---ABC

Corridor West of Physical Therapy---ABC

Medical Records North Entrance---ABC

Medical Records South Entrance---ABC

Near Cath Lab Front Doors Across from Nuclear Medicine---ABC

Cath Lab Central Work Area---ABC

Cath Lab Back Door---ABC

Cath Lab Procedure Room #1---C02

Cath Lab Procedure Room #2---C02

East Pavilion--2nd Floor

Standpipe in South Stairwell

North Corridor---ABC

South Corridor---ABC

East Corridor---ABC

Machine Room East Corridor---ABC

East Pavilion--3rd Floor

Standpipe in South Stairwell

North Corridor---ABC

South Corridor---ABC

East Corridor---ABC

East Pavilion--4th Floor

Standpipe in South Stairwell

North Corridor---ABC

South Corridor---ABC

East Corridor---ABC

East Pavilion--5th Floor

Standpipe in South Stairwell

North Corridor---ABC

South Corridor---ABC

East Corridor---ABC

6th Floor Penthouse---ABC

6th Floor Penthouse---ABC

South Pavilion--1st Floor

Auditorium in Kitchenette---ABC

Auditorium Across from Chapel---ABC

Auditorium Between Rooms B & C---ABC

Sisters Residence Fire Exit---ABC

South Pavilion--Basement

Outside Facilities Mgt. Office---ABC

Maintenance Shop & Parts Room Front---ABC

Maintenance Shop & Parts Room Back---ABC

Maintenance Shop Inside Tool Room---ABC

Hallway Across from Maintenance Shop---ABC

Welding Shop Across from East Boiler Room Front---ABC

Welding Shop Across from East Boiler Room Middle on Beam---ABC

Welding Shop Across from East Boiler Room Rear on Beam---ABC

Upstairs at Top of Stairs from Welding Shop---ABC

Sign Shop on Desk---ABC

Outside of Electrical Vault---ABC

Inside of Electrical Vault---ABC

East Boiler Room Front---ABC

East Boiler Room Back on Wall---ABC

Hallway Across from Bed Shop---ABC

MedCentre West--1st Floor

Crosswalk Elevator Mechanical Room Ground Level---ABC

Next to Pharmacy---ABC

MedCentre West--2nd Floor

Administration Inside Main Door---ABC

Administration Inside Back Door by Glass Doors---ABC

Administration Near North Restroom---ABC

Outside Administration on East Wall---ABC

Inside Elevator Control Room---ABC

MedCentre West--3rd Floor

Quality Mgt. Inside front Door---ABC

Quality Mgt. Inside Back Door---ABC

Outside Hallway West Wall---ABC

MedCentre West--4th Floor

West Wall in Corner---ABC

Marketing in Kitchenette Area---ABC

MedCentre East--1st Floor

Dialysis East Wall by Offices---ABC

Dialysis Center Hallway South End---ABC

Dialysis North Column---ABC

Dialysis South Column---ABC

MedCentre East--2nd Floor

Accounting Front---ABC

Accounting Back---ABC

Cardiac Rehab Front Door---ABC

Cardiac Rehab Weights Area---ABC

Cardiac Rehab Exercise Area---ABC

MedCentre East--3rd Floor

Special Procedures Center Inside Front Office---ABC

Special Procedures Center Inside Pre/Post Area---ABC

Special Procedures Center Across From Lounge---ABC

Elevator Mechanical Room---ABC

MedCentre East--4th Floor

Peritoneal Dialysis Waiting---ABC

Peritoneal Dialysis Nurses Area---ABC

Peritoneal Dialysis Secretary Area---ABC

Spares in Storage

Squad Room

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