• Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location

Description of Premises

  • Brief Description of building uses

Population of the premises

  • What is the maximum occupancy at any one time ?

  • Are there likley to be significant numbers of non employees on the premises ?

  • Are there likley to be any disabled persons on the premises

  • Can any reasonable check be made upon the numbers and identities of customers on the premises ? <br><br>

  • Is there a clearly understood procedure in the event of an escape of gas ?

  • Are all plant and boiler rooms kept free of combustible materials ?

  • Are stored combustible materials kept to the minimum consistent with the efficient operations of the business and are such materials kept in clearly defined areas or rooms set aside for this purpose ?

  • Are the premises heated by LPG?

  • Is all combustible waste material cleaned out of the premises regularly and disposed of safely ?

  • Is any skip or bulk bin for waste sited away from the building where possible ?

  • Is all combustible waste kept clear of escape routes ?

  • Any other observations ?

Control of sources of ignition

  • Is there a clear rule and practice that alterations,repairs,etc. To the fixed electrical system are carried out by competent persons ?

  • Please state electrical contractors used and last work carried out

  • Is there a job works sheet/ invoice ?

  • Is there use of multi adaptors on the premises ?

  • Are all electrical rooms kept locked and secure from unauthorised access ?

  • Are mains electrical leads run in safe places where they will not be damaged ?

  • Are there clear instructions that electrical equipment is to be switched off when not in use (unless designated to be left on) ?

  • Is there a general prohibition of smoking on the premises ?

  • Are there suitable, clearly marked receptacles for cigarette butts provided ?

  • Are combustible materials kept well clear of tungsten filament lighting bulbs and any spot lamps ?

  • Are portable heaters adequately guarded and correctly sited ?

Control of sources of oxygen

  • Are all oxidising agents stored safely ?

  • Any oxygen cylinders stored on site ?

Control of fire and smoke spread

  • Are all cavity barriers that restrict the spread of fire installed properly ?

  • Are gaps through which smoke and fire can spread stopped ?

  • Are fire dampers appropriately installed ?

  • Do all fire shutters provided for the compartmentation work correctly?

  • Where smoke curtains are installed are they free from defects and unobstructed ?

  • Is there a mechanical smoke extractor installed ?

  • Are natural smoke ventilation systems adequate?

  • Are air conditioning / Ventilation systems shut down on operation of a fire alarm

  • Where is the isolation switch and is it accessible ?

  • Walls - is the standard of fire resistance and surface finishing satisfactory ?

  • Doors- Do fire doors resist the spread of fire and smoke as designed ?

  • Floors- is the fire rating of floors satisfactory ? <br>

  • BS 5266 Electrical Equipment installation risk category

  • Are Electronic equipment installations fire protection adequate ?

  • Are electronic devices carrying a Portable appliance test certificate (PAT) ?

  • Next PAT Test certificate Date

  • Any other observations?

Fire Detection and Warning Systems

  • Is there a central fire detection system ?

  • Does the fire panel include zone plan or zone display ?

  • Is the system remote monitored ?

  • Is there any evidence that the alarm system is installed to BS 5839 part 1 ?

  • When is the next service date of the alarm system ?

  • Are locations of fire alarm call points clearly identified ?

  • Are Call points correctly installed to BS 5839 Part 1 ?

  • Is every person on the premises within 30 meters of an alarm call point?

  • Is the fire alarm system single staged, two stage or phase evacuation ?

  • Fire warning signal heard/seen in all parts ?

  • Are smoke detectors installed in accordance with BS 5839 Part 1

  • Are the smoke detectors obstructed in any way ?

  • Are procedures in place to ensure there is not an unacceptable rate of unwanted false alarms?

Fire fighting equipment

  • Are fire extinguishers of appropriate types provided in appropriate numbers and stability distributed ( at least one 13a rated extinguisher per 200m2 of floor space

  • Extinguisher Types

  • Locations of fire extinguishers

  • Are all extinguishers located on brackets or stands near to exits or on escape routes ?

  • Extinguishers suitable for purpose ?

  • Is the Travel distance to an extinguisher within 30 meters ?

Escape routes

  • Has every part of the workplace have alternative means of escape ?

  • Is the distance to the nearest exit excessive?

  • Where dead ends exists exist is it constructed of fire resisting materials and self closing doors ?

  • Are corridors more than 30 meters in length divided by self closing fire resistant doors ?

  • Are all escape routes wide enough for the Nubia of occupants ?

  • Are fire exit doors capable of being immediately opened without a key eg: push bars?

  • Is every escape route clearly defined either by employing corridor or where the route crosses large expanse of floor, by marking the floor in some way?

  • Is every escape route free from items which could cause slips trips or cause obstruction and/or pose a fire hazard (eg. Photocopiers, vending machines, lockers, coat hooks ) ?

  • Are external escape routes and stairs leading from a final exit directly to a place of safety clear and unobstructed ?

  • Are Refuge areas provided in a safe area with adequate fire protection and means of communication?

Emergency Escape Lighting

  • Is emergency escape lighting provided on all escape routes (including external ones ) without natural daylight or which are used during the hours of darkness?

  • Does such emergency lighting consist of automatic self contained units complying with BS 5266 ?

  • Is such emergency lighting provided by means of a generator or other backup system ?

  • Any other observations ?

Signs and notices

  • Are signs and notices displayed and in accordance with Health and Safety ( Safety Signs & Signals ) Regulations 1996 and/or BS 5499

  • Is the location and direction of every escape route clearly indicated by signs complying with the Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals ) Regulations 1996 ?

  • Are all fire resisting doors and fire exit doors correctly signed ?

  • Fire Brigade signage :<br>Are the following accessible <br>Location of sprinkler valves <br>Location of cut off switches <br>Location of fire mains switch ?

  • Any other observations ?

Testing and Maintenance of installations by competent persons

  • Are all gas appliances regularly serviced (annually) ?

  • Last test date

  • Is the fixed electrical distribution system within the premises regularly examined and tested by a competent person in accordance with BS 7671? (Every 5 years)

  • Last Test Date

  • Are all portable and transportable electrical appliances on the premises subject to a suitable regime of examination and test ?

  • Last Test Date

  • Is the fire alarm system tested on a monthly basis ?

  • Last test Date

  • Is the fire alarm system regularly inspected by a competent person (eg. System installer ) in compliance with BS 5839 ?

  • Next inspection Date

  • Is all emergency escape lighting regularly tested and maintained in compliance with BS 5255 (automatic lighting)?

  • Are all extinguishers examined and tested as part of a regular regime ?

  • Who was the approved contractor?

  • What was the last test date ?

  • Are all extinguishers inspected at least monthly ?

  • Are adequate records of test and maintenance available?

Fire Safety Management

  • Is there a safety policy in place ?

  • Who are the responsible persons appointed ?

  • Who is appointed co -coordinated responsible persons ?

  • Are sufficient measures taken minimise the likelihood of arson ?

  • Are regular inspections of the premises carried out in order to detect uncontrolled storage or build up of combustible or flammable materials ?

  • Are regular inspections of the premises carried out in order to ensure escape routes are free from obstruction and fire exit doors unlocked ?

  • Are all staff Fire safety trained ?

  • Training Date

  • Trainer Information

  • Next Training date (no later than 3 years)

  • What action is taken upon discovering a fire ?

  • How to raise the alarm and the procedures that this sets in motion ?

  • What is the The action taken upon hearing the fire alarm ?

  • What is the procedure for alerting members of the public including where appropriate directing them to exits?

  • What are the arrangements for calling the fire brigade ?

  • What is the evacuation procedure for the premises to an assembly point ?

  • Where is the assembly point located (Please provide photo) ?

  • Is there an adequate emergency plan devised and communicated to staff ?

  • What is the frequency of staff information, instruction and training ?

  • Are fire drills Carried out ?

  • When was the last drill carried out

  • Please Provide the names of present staff at the time this was carried out ?

Audit Completion

  • Is there any additional comments to be made on this audit ?

8. Sign Off

  • Audit undertaken by:

9. Next Fire Audit to be undertaken:

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