The Premises

Number of Floors

Brief details about the construction

Use of the premises

The Occupants

Approximate maximum number

Number of Sleeping Occupants

Number of Disabled Occupants

Number of Minor Occupants

Number of Elderly Occupants


Hazard and Risk Identification

What are the factors present in the inspected area? You may choose multiple items. *You may also add photos, notes, and actions by clicking the paperclip icon.

Select a circumstance observed


Select a circumstance observed


Including equipment and extensive use of extension leads and adapters and/or electric blankets

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Portable Heaters

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Use of Candles

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Deliberate Ignition

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Alcohol or Drug Use

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Hoarding (access)

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Use of oxygen combined with high fire risk behavior

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Sensory Impairment

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Dangerous Substances

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Other Factors
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Fire Protection Measures


1. Means of Escape from Fire

It is considered that the premises are provided with reasonable means of escape in case of fire

Has adequate design of escape routes?

Has adequate provision of exits?

Exits easily and immediately openable where necessary?

Fire exits open in direction of escape where necessary?

Avoidance of sliding or revolving doors as fire exits where necessary?

Satisfactory means for securing exits?

Has alternative means of escape?

Escape routes unobstructed?

It is considered that the premises are provided with reasonable arrangements for means of escape for disabled people.

2. Emergency Escape Lighting

Has reasonable standard of emergency escape lighting provided?

Fire Safety Signs and Notices

Has reasonable standard of fire safety signs and notices?

3. Means of Giving Warning in case of Fire

Has reasonable manually operated electrical fire alarm system provided?

Has automatic fire detection provided?

Has remote transmission of alarm signals?

4. Manual Fire Extinguishing Appliances

Has reasonable provision of portable fire extinguishers?

Hose reels provided?

Are all fire extinguishing appliances readily accessible?

5. Procedures and Arrangements

Are procedures in the event of fire appropriate and properly documented?

Are there suitable arrangements for Summoning the fire and rescue service?

Are there suitable arrangements to meet provide relevant information, including that related to hazards to firefighters?

Are there suitable arrangements for ensuring that the premises have been evacuated?

Is there a suitable fire assembly point(s)?

Are there adequate procedures for evacuation of any disabled people who are likely to be to be present?

Persons nominated and trained to use fire extinguishing appliances?

Persons nominated and trained to assist with evacuation, including the evacuation of disabled people?

6. Training and Drills

Are all staff/members given adequate fire safety instruction and training?

Which of these items do the members or staff knowledgeable about? You may select multiple items.

7. Testing and Maintenance

Has adequate maintenance of premises?

Has weekly testing and periodic servicing of fire detection and alarm system?

Has monthly and annual testing routines for emergency escape lighting?

Has annual maintenance of fire extinguishing appliances?

Has periodic inspection of external escape staircases and gangways?

Has weekly and monthly testing, six monthly inspections and annual testing of firefighting lifts?

Has weekly testing and periodic inspection of sprinkler installations?

Has routine checks of final exit doors and/or security fastenings?

Has annual inspection and testing of lightning protection system?

8. Records
Appropriate records of:

Fire drills?

Fire training?

Fire alarm tests?

Emergency escape lighting tests?

Maintenance and testing of other fire protection Systems?

Overall Assessment

The following simple fire risk level estimator is based on a commonly used health and safety risk level estimator.

table 1.PNG


table 2.PNG

Taking into account the fire prevention measures observed at the time of this risk assessment, it is considered that the risk from fire (likelihood of fire) at these premises is:



Taking into account the nature of the premises and the occupants, as well as the fire protection and procedural arrangements observed at the time of this fire risk assessment, it is considered that the consequences for life safety in the event of fire would be:



Accordingly, it is considered that the risk to life from fire at these premises is:

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